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Octicons for React

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$ npm install @primer/octicons-react --save



The <Octicon> component is really just the "shell" of an Octicon that renders the <svg> element and all of its attributes. To render a specific icon, you must pass it either via the icon prop, or as the only child:

 * The prop form is shorter, but doesn't allow you to pass icon props.
<Octicon icon={Icon} />

 * The child form allows you to pass props.
<Octicon><Icon x={10}/></Octicon>

Note that none of our builtin icons take props, so unless you're creating custom icons you'll probably want to use the icon prop form.


The @primer/octicons-react module exports the Octicon component as default and the individual icon symbols as separate named exports. This allows you to import only the icons that you need without blowing up your bundle:

import React from 'react'
import Octicon, {Beaker, Zap} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default function Icon({boom}) {
  return <Octicon icon={boom ? Zap : Beaker}/>

If you were to compile this example with a tool that supports tree-shaking (such as Webpack, Rollup, or Parcel) the resulting bundle would only include the "zap" and "beaker" icons.

All icons

If you don't mind your bundle being huge or you need to be able to render arbitrarily named icons at runtime, you can import either of the following named exports:


The getIconByName export is a function that takes a lowercase octicon name (such as arrow-right) and returns the corresponding icon class. Using this helper, it's possible to create an Octicon class that takes a name prop and resolves it to the right component:

import React from 'react'
import Octicon, {getIconByName} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default function OcticonByName({name, ...props}) {
  return <Octicon {...props} icon={getIconByName(name)} />


The iconsByName export is an object that maps keys (such as arrow-right or zap) to component functions, which you can use to generate listings of all the octicons:

import React from 'react'
import Octicon, {iconsByName} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default function OcticonsList() {
  return (
      {Object.keys(iconsByName).map(key => (
        <li key={key}>
          <Octicon icon={iconsByName[key]}/>

Vertical alignment

By default the octicons have vertical-align: text-bottom; applied as inline styles. You can change the alignment via the verticalAlign prop, which can be either middle, text-bottom, text-top, or top.

import Octicon, {Repo} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default () => (
    <Octicon icon={Repo} size='large' verticalAlign='middle' /> github/github


You have the option of adding accessibility information to the icon with the aria-label attribute via the ariaLabel prop (note the capitalization of L!).

// Example usage
import Octicon, {Plus} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default () => (
    <Octicon icon={Plus} ariaLabel="Add new item" /> New


The size prop takes small, medium, and large values that can be used to render octicons at standard sizes:

Prop Rendered Size
size='small' 16px height by computed width
size='medium' 32px height by computed width
size='large' 64px height by computed width
// Example usage
import Octicon, {LogoGithub} from '@primer/octicons-react'

export default () => (
    <a href='https://github.com'>
      <Octicon icon={LogoGithub} size='large' ariaLabel='GitHub'/>

Custom icons

Each of our icon components is really just a function that renders its SVG <path>. To accommodate icons varying aspect ratios, the Octicon component determines the viewBox of the <svg> element by first looking for a size array on the icon component class. For instance, if you wanted to create a custom icon that consisted of three circles side by side, you could do this:

import React from 'react'
import Octicon from '@primer/octicons-react'

function CirclesIcon() {
  return (
      <circle r={5} cx={5} cy={5}/>
      <circle r={5} cx={15} cy={5}/>
      <circle r={5} cx={25} cy={5}/>

CirclesIcon.size = [30, 10]

export default CirclesOcticon(props) {
  return <Octicon {...props} icon={CirclesIcon} />


(c) GitHub, Inc.

When using the GitHub logos, be sure to follow the GitHub logo guidelines.


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