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    PoolTogether Aave Yield Source 👻

    Tests Coverage Status built-with openzeppelin

    PoolTogether Yield Source that uses Aave V2 to generate yield by lending any ERC20 token supported by Aave and deposited into the Aave Yield Source.


    Adding a new Aave Lending Pool

    First make sure the Aave json config (aave/aaveMainnet.json, etc) includes the lending pool.

    Then, add the token symbol to the list in aave.config.ts.


    Follow Installation instructions.

    Aave provides a json blob per network of the files in the docs The deploy script parses this and deploys a proxy contract if the aToken file does exist in the deployments directory.

    Ensure the lendingPoolAddressesProviderRegistry is up to date in the namedAccounts field of hardhat.config.ts .

    To add a new network, add a json file in the ./aave directory then run:

    yarn deploy <new_network_name>

    To add a new lending market, update the appropriate network json at ./aave and run:

    yarn deploy <network_name>

    The deployment script can be found in deploy/deploy.ts.


    Clone this repository and enter the directory.


    Install dependencies:


    This project uses Yarn 2, dependencies should get installed pretty quickly.


    We use direnv to manage environment variables. You'll likely need to install it.

    Copy .envrc.example and write down the env variables needed to run this project.

    cp .envrc.example .envrc

    Once your env variables are setup, load them with:

    direnv allow


    We use the Hardhat ecosystem to test and deploy our contracts.

    To run unit tests:

    yarn test

    To run solhint and tests:

    yarn verify

    To run coverage:

    yarn coverage

    Mainnet fork

    Before deploying, you can make sure your implementation works by deploying a Yield Source Prize Pool on a fork of Mainnet.

    Start Mainnet fork in a terminal window with the command:

    yarn start-fork

    In another window, start the scripts to deploy and create a Aave Yield Source Prize Pool, deposit Dai into it, award the prize and withdraw.

    yarn deploy-fork && yarn run-fork

    Contract Verification

    Once deployment is done, you can verify your contracts on Etherscan by typing:

    yarn verify <NETWORK_NAME>

    Code quality

    Prettier is used to format TypeScript code. Use it by running:

    yarn format

    Solhint is used to lint Solidity files. Run it with:

    yarn hint

    TypeChain is used to generates types for scripts and tests. Generate types by running:

    yarn typechain




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