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    Material design: Menus

    <paper-menu> implements an accessible menu control with Material Design styling. The focused item is highlighted, and the selected item has bolded text.

      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>

    An initial selection can be specified with the selected attribute.

    <paper-menu selected="0">
      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>

    Make a multi-select menu with the multi attribute. Items in a multi-select menu can be deselected, and multiple items can be selected.

    <paper-menu multi>
      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>


    The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

    Custom property Description Default
    --paper-menu-background-color Menu background color --primary-background-color
    --paper-menu-color Menu foreground color --primary-text-color
    --paper-menu-disabled-color Foreground color for a disabled item --disabled-text-color
    --paper-menu Mixin applied to the menu {}
    --paper-menu-selected-item Mixin applied to the selected item {}
    --paper-menu-focused-item Mixin applied to the focused item {}
    --paper-menu-focused-item-after Mixin applied to the ::after pseudo-element for the focused item {}


    <paper-menu> has role="menu" by default. A multi-select menu will also have aria-multiselectable set. It implements key bindings to navigate through the menu with the up and down arrow keys, esc to exit the menu, and enter to activate a menu item. Typing the first letter of a menu item will also focus it.


    <paper-submenu> is a nested menu inside of a parent <paper-menu>. It consists of a trigger that expands or collapses another <paper-menu>:

        <paper-item class="menu-trigger">Topics</paper-item>
        <paper-menu class="menu-content">
          <paper-item>Topic 1</paper-item>
          <paper-item>Topic 2</paper-item>
          <paper-item>Topic 3</paper-item>
        <paper-item class="menu-trigger">Faves</paper-item>
        <paper-menu class="menu-content">
          <paper-item>Fave 1</paper-item>
          <paper-item>Fave 2</paper-item>
      <paper-submenu disabled>
        <paper-item class="menu-trigger">Unavailable</paper-item>
        <paper-menu class="menu-content">
          <paper-item>Disabled 1</paper-item>
          <paper-item>Disabled 2</paper-item>

    Just like in <paper-menu>, the focused item is highlighted, and the selected item has bolded text. Please see the <paper-menu> docs for which attributes (such as multi and selected), and styling options are available for the menu-content menu.


    npm i @polymer/paper-menu

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