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Polymath Host Implementation

This is a library that provides a host implementation for Polymath. It is designed to easily stand up a Polymath host.

There are two concrete implementations of the host:

  1. PolymathPinecone that relies on Pinecone as a backend.

  2. PolymathFile that serves local JSON files.

Both are sub-classes of PolymathHost, which has the following API:

async ask(formData: FormData): Promise<PackedLibraryData>

async queryPacked(args: AskOptions): Promise<PackedLibraryData>

async query(args: AskOptions): Promise<LibraryData>

The ask method is the main entry point for the host. It takes a FormData object and returns a PackedLibraryData object, which can be served right out as a JSON in HTTP response.

The queryPacked and query methods are convenience methods that take an AskOptions object and return a PackedLibraryData or LibraryData object, respectively. They are most useful for situations where you want to consume host directly in your code, without using HTTP.


npm i @polymath-ai/host

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