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    Firestore cache implementation for @envelop/response-cache plugin.

    Provides response caching that works well with serverless environments on Google Cloud.

    Check out the GraphQL Response Cache Guide and Envelop for more information

    Getting Started

    yarn add @envelop/response-cache
    yarn add @pokutuna/envelop-response-cache-firestore
    import {envelop} from '@envelop/core';
    import {useResponseCache} from '@envelop/response-cache';
    import {createFirestoreCache} from '@pokutuna/envelop-response-cache-firestore';
    import {Firestore} from '@google-cloud/firestore';
    const firestore = new Firestore({projectId: 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID'});
    const cache = createFirestoreCache({firestore});
    const getEnveloped = envelop({
      plugins: [
        // ... other plugins ...

    Or, for use with GraphQL Yoga, see this doc.


    const cache = createFirestoreCache({
      // Firestore instance to store cache entries (required)
      firestore: new Firestore(),
      // Firestore collection path to store cache entries (default: "responseCache")
      // You can use subcollection (e.g. "_internals_/cache/entries")
      collectionPath: 'responseCache',
      // Customize entity id string conversion for invalidation (usually not required to use)
      buildEntityId: (typename: string, id: number | string) => `${typename}#${id}`,

    Invalidate Cache

    await cache.invalidate([
      // invalidate specific entities
      {typename: 'User', id: '1'},
      {typename: 'User', id: '2'},
      // invalidate all Comment entity
      {typename: 'Comment'},

    Delete expired cache entry

    Expired cache entries are not automatically deleted. Recommend to run the following periodically.

    await cache.deleteExpiredCacheEntry();

    Or use TTL policies in Firestore (preview).

    • Collection group: responseCache (default)
    • Timestamp field: expireAt

    See Manage data retention with TTL policies.


    • If you need performance, I recommend to use the Redis version officially provided.
      • The package is aimed at ease of setup with serverless environments and low cost.
    • The envelop implementation does not wait for the write to complete in order to return a response faster.
    • When a highly referenced cache expires, the same document will be updated in a short period and which may affect performance.




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