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Hand History Analyzer

Analyze hand histories from online poker sites in JavaScript & TypeScript. Works in conjunction with Hand History Parser.


Add @poker-apprentice/hand-history-analyzer as a dependency.

  • yarn:
    yarn add @poker-apprentice/hand-history-analyzer
  • npm:
    npm install @poker-apprentice/hand-history-analyzer --save


This package exports an analyzeHand function that can be used for analyzing hand histories that have been parsed by Hand History Parser's parseHand function. To use it, simply pass a parsed hand history to the function.

// assumes `handHistory` is an object returned by `parseHand`
const stats = analyzeHand(handHistory);

The value returned is represented as a HandHistoryStats type object. For example:

  "hand": {
    "totalPot": "57.4",
    "totalRake": "0.5",
  "players": {
    "Mike": {
      "aggressiveActionCount": 0,
      "bountiesWon": "0",
      "streets": {
        "flop": {
          "betCount": 1,
          "bets": {},
          "callCount": 0,
          "checkCount": 0,
          "foldCount": 0,
          "raiseCount": 0,
        "preflop": {
          "betCount": 0,
          "bets": {
            "2": 1,
          "callCount": 0,
          "checkCount": 0,
          "foldCount": 0,
          "raiseCount": 1,
        "turn": {
          "betCount": 1,
          "bets": {},
          "callCount": 0,
          "checkCount": 0,
          "foldCount": 0,
          "raiseCount": 0,
      "totalActionCount": 3,
      "totalAwarded": "56.9",
      "totalContributed": "27.45",
      "totalRakeContributed": "0.5",
      "totalWon": "29.45",
      "tournamentPlacementPrize": "0",
      "vpip": true,
      "wentToShowdown": true,

For anonymous poker sites (i.e.: sites that don't display usernames or otherwise obfuscate player information while playing), only the "hero" will be included in the players object included in the return value. For all other sites, the players object will include all players who were involved in the hand.

For insight into the intention of each key in the return value, refer to the TypeScript types.


If you'd like to fix a bug, add a feature, improve the documentation, or anything else to better this library, pull requests are welcomed!

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone git@github.com:poker-apprentice/hand-history-analyzer.git
  2. Install dependencies:
    yarn install
  3. Include tests for your changes, and open a pull request.

If you are interested in contributing, but you are stuck or lost at any point in your efforts, please reach out for help!

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