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Plugabble pipes for a composable gulp stream

npm install @pixel2html/pipes


const gulp = require('gulp')
const styles = require('@pixel2html/pipes').styles
gulp.task('styles', () =>
      modules: true,
      name: 'main.css',
      production: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'
    .on('error', config.onError)


  • critical: create critical CSS
  • html: html with replace and posthtml
  • minifyStyles: minimize, comb, groupCssMediaQueries and nano
  • pug: pug and posthtml with modules
  • purify: remove unused CSS
  • styles: sourcemaps, postCss with modules and autoprefixer

pixel2html boilerplate

We use this already on our own Frontend boilerplate, don't be shy and try it out 🎩