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The Verifalia API is a powerful and secure suite of tools designed to validate & clean data and email addresses. It can be used to help reduce fraud, improve data quality, and boost marketing campaigns.

Verifalia's API can be used to build the following:

  • Email Validation: Validate a list of email addresses and check for accuracy, validity, and deliverability.
  • Email Address Hygiene & Cleaning: Automatically clean a list of email addresses to remove duplicates, typos, and invalid addresses.
  • Email Address List Verification: Check a list of email addresses and verify them against a specific domain.
  • Email Spam Score & Analysis: Analyze a list of emails and determine the associated spam level.
  • Phone Number Validation: Automatically validate a list of phone numbers and check for accuracy and improper formatting.
  • Bulk Email Sending: Execute a bulk email campaign and track email delivery rate in real-time.
  • Private DNS Check & Domain Name Verification: Check a domain's reliability and identity, as well as DNS records and MX records.
  • Domain Catch-all Check & Delivery Confirmation: Determine if a domain is flagged as a catch-all and confirm if emails sent to that domain will be received by the intended recipient.



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