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    The Pipedream Discord app enables you to build event-driven workflows that interact with the Discord API. When you authorize the Pipedream app's access to your guilds, you can use Pipedream workflows to perform common Discord actions, or write your own code against the Discord API.

    Getting Started

    You can install the Pipedream Discord app in the Accounts section of your account, or directly in a workflow.

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    Not sure if you need to use the Discord or the Discord Bot integration for your workflow? Here's are the general similarities and differences:

    Discord and Discord Bot actions and triggers can both:

    • Listen to events on Discord channels, guilds, etc.
    • Perform actions like sending messages, managing channels, and members

    However the Discord integration will perform actions with the official Pipedream Discord bot.

    Using the Discord Bot integration will use a custom bot instead, with it's own name and photo.


    1. Visit
    2. Click on the Click Here To Connect An App button in the top-right.
    3. Search for "Discord" among the list of apps, and select it.
    4. This will open a new window asking you to allow Pipedream access to your Slack workspace. Choose the right workspace where you'd like to install the app, then click Allow.
    5. That's it! You can now use this Discord account in any actions, or link it to any code step.

    Within a workflow

    1. Create a new workflow.
    2. Select your trigger (HTTP, Cron, etc.).
    3. Click on the + button below the trigger step, and search for "Slack".
    4. Select the Send a Message action.
    5. Click the Connect Account button near the top of the step. This will prompt you to select any existing Discord accounts you've previously authenticated with Pipedream, or you can select a New account. Clicking New opens a new window asking you to allow Pipedream access to your Discord account. Choose the right guilde where you'd like to install the app, then click Allow.
    6. That's it! You can now connect to the Discord API using any of the Discord actions within a Pipedream workflow.


    If you have issues with this integration, please join our public Slack and ask for help.


    npm i @pipedream/discord

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