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    This is a WIP port of plasma-core.

    @pigi/core is the core of Plasma Group's client functionality. It handles the basic functionality that all PG clients need to implement, like managing state updates and importing new transactions.

    Note: @pigi/core is not designed to be a full plasma client. As a result, @pigi/core does not provide a graphical user interface or an easy way to interact with components. If you're looking for a full client, check out @pigi/client.


    Welcome! If you're looking to contribute to @pigi/core, you're in the right place.

    Contributing Guide and CoC

    Plasma Group follows a Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct adapted slightly from the Contributor Covenant. All contributors are expected to read through this guide. We're here to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive contributing environment, and every new contributor needs to do their part to uphold our community standards.

    We also maintain a very detailed Documentation for Contributors that discusses these topics in much more depth. Please check out those docs if you're interested in becoming an active contributor to the PG ecosystem.


    Detailed documentation for @pigi/core is available here. If you'd like to contribute to the documentation, please edit the contents of the docs and submit a pull request!


    npm i @pigi/core

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