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    Redact the contents of each line of a file according to rules expressed as JSON. The following sample is from sampleRules.json.

      { startingAt:  3, replaceWith: "TTTT" },
      { startingAt: 15, replaceWith: "VVV", padding: 7 }

    The startingAt index is zero-based. The above means that for for each line of the input file:

    • starting at column 4, overwrite content with TTTT
    • starting at column 16, overwrite content with VVV. If necessary, pad with extra space so that at least 7 characters are overwritten);
    • If the field replacement exceeds the line length, truncate the replacement so that line length is preserved.
    • The optional padding attribute means pad to the right with spaces until the string length is the size indicated (according to String.prototype.padEnd()).

    Invoke as

    node redact sampleRules.json sampleInput.txt > redactedFile.txt

    Here is the result run on the sample.

    $ cat sampleInput.txt
    This is a test file.  We need some long lines.
    It is use to test a redaction utility. Good luck.
    A short line.
    $ node redact sampleRules.json sampleInput.txt
    ThiTTTT a teVVV       We need some long lines.
    It TTTTse toVVV       daction utility. Good luck.
    A sTTTT lineV

    Error and warning messages are written to standard error. They will not appear in the result file if standard output is redirected.




    npm i @pglezen/redact

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