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View and Interact with PDF documents in React apps

Getting Started | Examples

PDFSlick for React is a library which enables viewing of and interaction with PDF documents in React apps. It's build on top of Mozilla's PDF.js, and utilises Zustand to provide a reactive store for the loaded documents.

Getting started with PDFSlick for React

To get started with React run:

npm install @pdfslick/react
# yarn add @pdfslick/react
# pnpm add @pdfslick/react

You can start using PDFSlick with the usePDFSlick() hook, like with the following basic example:

import { usePDFSlick } from "@pdfslick/react";
import PDFNavigation from "./yourcomponents/PDFNavigation";

// It is required to include PDFSlick's CSS styles once
// you can do it in your main `App.tsx` for example
import "@pdfslick/react/dist/pdf_viewer.css";

type PDFViewerComponentProps = {
  pdfFilePath: string,

const PDFViewerComponent = ({ pdfFilePath }: PDFViewerComponent) => {
  const { viewerRef, usePDFSlickStore, PDFSlickViewer } = usePDFSlick(
      scaleValue: "page-fit",

   Access the store with `usePDFSlickStore()` hook — you can pass is
   as a prop to other components (like with `<PDFNavigation />` below)
   Toolbars, Sidebars, components which render thumbnails etc. 
   and use it as here to get and react on 
   PDF document's and viewer's properties and changes
  const scale = usePDFSlickStore((s) => s.scale);
  const numPages = usePDFSlickStore((s) => s.numPages);
  const pageNumber = usePDFSlickStore((s) => s.pageNumber);

  return (
    <div className="absolute inset-0 pdfSlick">
      <div className="relative h-full">
        <PDFSlickViewer {...{ viewerRef, usePDFSlickStore }} />

          Pass PDFSlick's store to your custom components
        <PDFNavigation {...{ usePDFSlickStore }} />

          PDFSlick's store values automatically update
        <div className="absolute w-full top-0 left-0">
          <p>Current scale: {scale}</p>
          <p>Current page number: {pageNumber}</p>
          <p>Total number of pages: {numPages}</p>

export default PDFViewerComponent;

Provided with the PDF Document path and PDFSlick options object, the usePDFSlick() hook returns an object consisting (among the other things) of:

  • PDFSlickViewer is the PDF Viewer component used for viewing the PDF document
  • viewerRef is the ref callback that is provided as a prop to the <PDFSlickViewer /> component
  • usePDFSlickStore enables using PDFSlick store within your React components

More on using PDFSlick with React | Checkout the React Examples


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