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This package has been deprecated in favor of @patternfly/react-styles.

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Warning: the styled system components are experimental. Use at your own risk!

This package provides styled-system components using the PatternFly 4 theme.


Node Environment

This project currently supports Node Active LTS releases. Please stay current with Node Active LTS when developing patternfly-react.

For example, to develop with Node 8, use the following:

nvm install 8
nvm use 8

This project also requires a Yarn version of >=1.6.0. The latest version can be installed here.


yarn add @patternfly/react-styled-system


npm install @patternfly/react-styled-system --save



It's strongly advised to use the PatternFly Base CSS in your whole project, or some components may diverge in appearance:

import '@patternfly/react-core/dist/styles/base.css';

Example Component Usage

import React from 'react';
import { PatternFlyThemeProvider, StyledConstants, StyledBox, StyledFlex, StyledText } from '@patternfly/react-styled-system';

class StyledStyles extends React.Component {
  render() {
    const { fonts, space, fontWeights, fontSizes, borders, colors } = StyledConstants;
    return (
          <StyledBox m={} border={}>
            sets medium margin value
          <StyledBox m={space.neg_sm} border={}>
            sets negative medium margin value
          <StyledBox m="auto" border={}>
            sets margin auto
          <StyledBox p={[space.xs,,, space.lg]} height={50} border={}>
            This box has different paddings depending on the screen width
          <StyledText fontFamily={fonts.monospace}>Monospace</StyledText>
          <StyledText fontSize={fontSizes.lg}>Large font size</StyledText>
          <StyledFlex px={} py={space.xl} alignItems="center">
            <StyledBox color={colors.color_200}>Left Text</StyledBox>
            <StyledBox mx="auto" />
            <StyledBox color={colors.dark_200}>Right Text</StyledBox>
export default StyledStyles;

All css related to each component is provided alongside it. There is no component level CSS to import.


This project uses Gatsby. For an overview of the project structure please refer to the Gatsby documentation - Building with Components.

A comprehensive list of components and detailed usage of each can be found on the PatternFly React Docs website You can also find how each component is meant to be used from a design perspective on the PatternFly 4 Core website.

Note: All commands below assume you are on the root directory in this repository.


Run to install all the dependencies

yarn && yarn bootstrap && yarn build && yarn build:docs


To start the site locally.

yarn build && yarn start:pf4


To build the site.

yarn build:docs

Contributing Components

This library makes use of the babel plugin from @patternfly/react-styles to enable providing the CSS alongside the components. This removes the need for consumers to use (style|css|sass)-loaders. For an example of using CSS from core you can reference Button.js. For any CSS not provided by core please use the StyleSheet.create utility from @patternfly/react-styles. This will prevent collisions with any consumers, and allow the CSS to be bundled with the component.


yarn build

Note the build scripts for this are located in the root package.json under yarn build.


Testing is done at the root of this repo. To only run the patternfly-react tests:

yarn test packages/patternfly-4/react-core



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