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The Twig PatternEngine for Pattern Lab / Node

To install the Twig engine in your edition, npm install @pattern-lab/engine-twig should do the trick. This pattern engine uses the twing library.

Supported features

Level of support for Twig constructs is on the level that the twing library supports. The following partial resolution schemes (includes, extends, import) are supported:

  • relative file paths: standard by twing libary
  • namespaces: standard by twing library, engine-twig only passes the configuration from patternlab-config.json
  • Patternlab pattern names: integration between Patternlab and twing implemented by a custom loader

Now that this engine uses a better Twig Javascript library, the following issues are resolved:

See https://github.com/pattern-lab/the-spec/issues/37 for more info.

Adding Custom Extensions

Create a JS file in Pattern Lab root directory (e.g. twingExtensions.js) and set

"engine": {
  "twig": {
    "loadExtensionFile": "twingExtensions.js"

in patternlab-config.json. See Editing the Configuration Options for more info.

  • this JS file must export a Map for TwingEnvironment.addExtensions(extensions: Map<string, TwingExtensionInterface>)
  • Map will be added to the TwingEnvironment on startup


// twingExtensions.js
const { TwingExtension, TwingFunction } = require('twing');

const extensionsMap = new Map();

class TestTwingExtension extends TwingExtension {
  getFunctions() {
    return [
      new TwingFunction('foobar', function (foo) {
        return Promise.resolve(`function foobar called with param "${foo}"`);
extensionsMap.set('TestTwingExtension', new TestTwingExtension());

module.exports = extensionsMap;

See https://nightlycommit.github.io/twing/advanced.html#creating-an-extension for more details on how to create extensions


npm i @pattern-lab/engine-twig

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