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    A collection of very short utils functions for about anything, without depenencies. Something like a (very) tiny (incomplete) nicely typed lodash. Some are taken from other open-source projects, such as Chakra-UI.

    List of utils


    • getDiff: Return the difference between left in right
    • getSymmetricDiff: Return the difference between left in right / right in left
    • getUnion: Return the union between left & right
    • getIntersection: Return the intersection between left & right
    • hasAll: Checks that all items (right) are in left array
    • uniques: Return uniques/de-duplicated values in array
    • findBy: Find an item/index from its value using a property path in the array (can be nested using a dot delimited syntax)
    • sortBy: Sort an array of objects by a common key in given direction (asc|desc, defaults to asc)
    • isEqualArrays: Compare arrays & return true if all members are included (order doesn't matter)
    • combineUniqueValues: Combine one or more array into the first one while pushing only distinct unique values
    • first: Get first item of array
    • last: Get last item of array
    • flatMap: Polyfill Array.flatMap
    • makeArrayOf: Make an array of {count} empty elements
    • chunk: Split an array in chunk of given size
    • pluck: Array of picked property
    • [prependItem](./src/array.ts)
    • [appendItem](./src/array.ts)
    • updateItem: Update an object item inside given array, found by passed idPath
    • removeValue: Returns array without given value
    • removeValueMutate: Same as removeValue but mutate original array (useful for Proxy states)
    • removeItem: Returns array without given item object
    • removeItemObjectMutate: Same as removeItem but mutate original array (useful for Proxy states)
    • [updateAtIndex](./src/array.ts)
    • [removeAtIndex](./src/array.ts)
    • removeAtIndexMutate: Same as removeAtIndex but mutate original array (useful for Proxy states)
    • getPrevItem: Returns prev item from given index, handles looping
    • getNextItem: Returns next item from given index, handles looping
    • getNextIndex: Returns next index from given index, handles looping
    • getPrevIndex: Returns prev index from given index, handles looping
    • sortArrayOfObjectByPropFromArray: Sort array of object by given prop using a reference order array, sort items not in reference order in lasts positions


    • [isDefined](./src/asserts.ts)
    • isPrimitive: Returns true if value is a string|number|boolean
    • isObject: Returns true if typeof value is object && not null
    • isObjectLiteral: Returns true if value extends basic Object prototype and is not a Date
    • [isDate](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isPromise](./src/asserts.ts)
    • isType: Can be used as type guard
    • [isClassRegex](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isClass](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isServer](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isBrowser](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isProd](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isDev](./src/asserts.ts)
    • [isTest](./src/asserts.ts)


    • getSelf: Really, it just returns the value you pass
    • makeSelfGetters: Make an object where the keys will have a self getter as value
    • firstKey: Get 1st/only key of object
    • firstProp: Get 1st/only prop of object
    • prop: Make getter on obj[key]


    • callAll: Returns a callback that will call all functions passed with the same arguments
    • compose: Compose right-to-left
    • pipe: Compose left-to-right, most commonly used
    • wait: Wait for X ms till resolving promise (with optional callback)
    • getInheritanceTree: Gets given's entity all inherited classes. (taken from typeorm)
    • on/off: Shorthand to add an event listener


    • set: Sets a nested property value from a dot-delimited path
    • get: Get a nested property value from a dot-delimited path.
    • remove: Remove key at path in an object
    • deepMerge: Deep merge arrays from left into right, can use unique array values for merged properties
    • deepSort: Deeply sort an object's properties using given sort function


    • mapper: Map an object to another using given schema, can use a dot delimited path for mapping to nested properties
    • reverse: Reverse an object from its schema
    • makeInstance: Make an instance of given class auto-filled with record values
    • fromEntries: Polyfill Object.fromEntries
    • sortObjectKeys: Sort object keys alphabetically
    • sortObjKeysFromArray: Sort object keys using an order array


    • pick: Pick given properties in object
    • pickBy: Creates an object composed of the picked object properties that satisfies the condition for each value
    • pickDefined: Only pick given properties that are defined in object
    • omit: Omit given properties from object
    • format: Keep only truthy values & format them using a given method
    • removeUndefineds: Remove undefined properties in object
    • hasShallowDiff: Returns true if a value differs between a & b, only check for the first level (shallow)
    • getCommonKeys: Returns keys that are both in a & b
    • hasShallowDiffInCommonKeys: Returns true if a value differs between a & b in their common properties


    • parseStringAsBoolean: Parse 'true' and 1 as true, 'false' and 0 as false
    • [snakeToCamel](./src/primitives.ts)
    • [kebabToCamel](./src/primitives.ts)
    • [camelToSnake](./src/primitives.ts)
    • [camelToKebab](./src/primitives.ts)
    • [uncapitalize](./src/primitives.ts)
    • [capitalize](./src/primitives.ts)
    • limit: Limit a number between a [min,max]
    • limitStr: Limit a string to a length
    • areRectsIntersecting: Returns true if 2 DOMRect are intersecting (= elements collision)
    • getSum: Get the sum of an array of number
    • forceInt: Force a string to number, handle NaN by fallbacking to defaultValue (= 1 if not provided)
    • getPageCount: Returns total page count from itemsCount & pageSize
    • roundTo: Returns a float rounded to X decimals, defaults to 2
    • getClosestNbIn: Return the closest nb in array, ex: getClosestNbIn([0, 50, 100, 200], 66); // = 50
    • stringify: JSON.stringify wrapped with try/catch
    • safeJSONParse: JSON.parse wrapped with try/catch


    • getRandomString: Return a random string of given length, can be passed a custom alphabet to pick random characters in
    • getRandomIntIn: Return a random int between min/max, if only 1 arg (max) is passed then min is set to 0
    • getRandomFloatIn: Return a random int between min/max, if only 1 arg (max) is passed then min is set to 0, 3rd arg rounds to X decimals
    • getRandomPercent: Return a random nb between [0, 100], can be given the nb of decimals to return, defaults to 2
    • pickMultipleUnique: Randomly pick N unique element in array while excluding some if needed
    • pickOne: Returns a random element in given array
    • pickOneBut: Returns a random element in given array but not of the excluded
    • pickOneInEnum: pickOne but for typescript enums
    • makeArrayOfRandIn: Make an array of [min, max] empty elements


    Taken from

    • [getSetDifference](./src/set.ts)
    • [isSuperset](./src/set.ts)
    • [getSetUnion](./src/set.ts)
    • [getSetIntersection](./src/set.ts)
    • [getSymmetricDifference](./src/set.ts)


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