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    Entity-ref 📍

    Create small references to entities

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    Example code

    Helper to create consistent entity references used for uniquely identify entity without all its data.

    Especially useful if you need to create an address/reference of any kind of entity in places like:

    Use cases

    • audit logs
    • targeting entities in cascade actions for @pallad/cascade
    • targeting in ACL
    • passing entity reference through messaging channels without sending entire entity
    • base for enigmatic IDs


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    npm install @pallad/entity-ref


    The most useful part of this lib is createFactory responsible for creating entity ref, adding extra factories and testing the type.

    const userRefFactory = createFactory(
    		'user', // indicate type name
    		(id: string) => ({id}), // main factory that also describes the shape of entity ref data
    // create ref for given ID
    const ref = userRefFactory('1'); // {type: 'user', data: {id: '1'}}

    Testing type

    You can check if ref is actually a ref for given type using .is method.

    const articleRefFactory = createFactory(
    		(id: string) => ({id}),
    const ref = articleRefFactory('1'); // {type: 'article', data: {id: '1'}} // false // true

    .is plays a role of type guard as well.

    if ( {
        ref.type // 'article'; // 👍 typescript knows shape of article refs so no error here // ⚠️ this fails

    Extra factories

    Third argument of createFactory accepts an object with extra factories in result factory object.

    class Article {
    	readonly id: string;
    	readonly title: string;
    	readonly createdAt: Date;
    	readonly updatedAt: Date;
    	readonly authorId: string;
    	constructor(data: Article) {
    		Object.assign(this, data);
    const articleRefFactory = createFactory(
    		(id: string) => ({id}),
    			fromEntity({id}: Article) {
    				return {id}; // note that it has to return the same data as above
    // {type: 'article', data: {id: '10'}}
    		new Article({
    			id: '10',
    			title: 'Example title',
    			createdAt: new Date(),
    			updatedAt: new Date(),
    			authorId: '20'
    // {type: 'article', data: {id: '10'}}

    Hierarchical data

    Storing only main id in entity seems to be useless in many scenarious but lets imagine that every article belongs to organization or workspace so it would be nice to return that information in ref as well.

    const articleRefFactory = createFactory(
        (id: string, workspaceId: string) => ({id, workspaceId}),
            fromEntity({id, workspaceId}: Article) {
                return {id, workspaceId};


    Targeting in ACL

    import {EntityRef} from "@pallad/entity-ref";
    export function hasReadPermission(entityRef: EntityRef<any, any>) {
        if (entityRef.type === 'article') {
            // TODO perform extra checks
        } else if (entityRef.type === 'user') {
            // TODO perform extra checks
        return false;
    // controller.ts
    export default {
        findArticle(id: string) {
            if (!hasReadPermission(articleRefFactory(id))) {
                throw new Error('Insufficient permissions');
            // fetch and return article

    Audit log

    import {EntityRef} from "@pallad/entity-ref";
    export function articleCreated(article: Article) {
        return entityCreated(articleRefFactory.fromEntity(article));
    export function entityCreated(ref: EntityRef<any, any>) {
        return createAuditLog({
            name: 'entity.created',

    Enigmatic IDs

    import {EntityRef} from "@pallad/entity-ref";
    export function decodeId(id: string): EntityRef<any, {id: string}> {
        const [type, id] = Buffer.from(id, 'base64').toString('utf8').split('-');
        return EntityRef.create(type, {id});
    export function encodeId(ref: EntityRef<any, {id: string}>) {
        return Buffer.from(`${ref.type}-${}`).toString('base64');
    encodeId(articleRefFactory('1')) // 'YXJ0aWNsZS0x'
    decodeId('YXJ0aWNsZS0x') // {type: 'article', data: {id: '1'}}


    npm i @pallad/entity-ref

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