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    This package provides commands to publish local frontend web app into

    How to use

    Build your frontend web app and execute:

    npx @pageshare/cli ./dist


    npm install -g @pageshare/cli
    pageshare ./dist

    Replace ./dist with a path to your built frontend project (must include index.html file).

    In order to finish the process, you need to create an account on and provide your personal access token in a command as --access-token ... or as an environment variable PAGESHARE_ACCESS_TOKEN. Copy your access token from


    • --version - prints script version
    • --access-token - your personal access token copied from; can be also stored as an environment variable PAGESHARE_ACCESS_TOKEN
    • --dry - opens a browser and doesn't upload the page; useful for testing configuration
    • --verbose - turns on verbose logging
    • --ci - alias for --verbose
    • --config - path to the config file; pageshare.config.(ts|cjs|js) by default; see for documentation
    • --mock-server - path to the node mock-server directory or index file; learn more reading
    • --git-remote-url - URL to your git remote as it shows in git remote -v, needed for integrations; by default it uses git from local directory
    • --git-commit - hash of the latest git commit, needed for integrations; by default it uses git from local directory
    • --force - continue process by ignoring warnings

    Integration with GitHub

    Install GitHub app on

    Each publish will create a commit status and Pull Request comment.

    Use with GitHub actions

    We provide custom GitHub action at

    Use in CI/CD

    This package requires additional system dependencies to run Chromium browser.

    Check our Dockerfile or use it directly from docker hub (recommended):

    docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)/dist:/usr/share/pageshare/dist" pageshare/cli /usr/share/pageshare/dist




    npm i @pageshare/cli

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