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    🐎🎪 Orda-js

    Orda-js is the Javascript(or Typescript) SDK for Orda project. Orda project is a multi-device data synchronization platform based on MongoDB (which could be other document databases such as CouchBase). Orda is based on CRDT(conflict-free data types), which enables operation-based synchronization.

    In this repository, we present the Orda Server, and introduce the concept of the Orda project.

    The library size of orda-js is just about 298KB. It works not only in browsers, but also with nodejs.

    One of the example implemented with orda-js. Orda-JSONEditor is a sample program.


    To use Orda-js in your development, you can use npm.

    $ npm i @orda-io/orda


    To develop the orda-js sdk, Orda Server needs to be up and running in advance. Following the instructions, you can run the Orda Server.

    $ git clone
    $ npm run gen:openapi  
    $ npm run gen:proto-enum 

    You can build orda-js as follows.

    $ npm build:dev
    $ npm build:prod

    Orda-js can be tested with either karma or mocha.

    $ npm run test # test with karma 
    $ npm run test:mocha # test with mocha 

    Contribute to Orda Project

    We always welcome your participation.


    Orda-js is licensed under Apache 2.0 License that can be found in the LICENSE file.


    npm i @orda-io/orda

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