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    Optimizely JavaScript SDK

    This repository houses the JavaScript SDK for Optimizely X Full Stack.

    Getting Started

    Installing the SDK

    The SDK is available through npm. To install:

    npm install @optimizely/optimizely-sdk-core --save

    Or to use in a non CommonJS fashion:

    1. Run npm run build
    2. Pull in dist/optimizely.browser.umd.min.js as a <script>
    3. Use as global variable window.optimizelyClient

    Migrating from 1.x.x

    This version represents a major version change and, as such, introduces some breaking changes:

    • We have changed the package name to more accurately reflect the implementation of the SDK. Instead of using optimizely-sdk, we have migrated it to optimizely-sdk-core as this contains the core functionality of the SDK and leaves out things like datafile management. Instead the new optimizely-sdk package will be a wrapper around optimizely-sdk-core that will include more advanced functionality such as datafile management and event dispatch retries and can be used straight out of the box with minimal config. More on this later!

    • The Node SDK is now combined with the JavaScript SDK so that we have one optimizely-sdk-core package that works across both server + browser environments.

    • You will no longer be able to pass in revenue value as a stand-alone argument to the track call. Instead you will need to pass it as an entry in the eventTags.

    • We no longer support legacy Node versions (under 4.0)

    Using the SDK

    See the Optimizely X Full Stack testing developer documentation to learn how to set up your first JavaScript project and use the SDK.


    Installing dependencies

    npm install

    Unit tests

    You can run all unit tests with:

    npm test

    Build distribution packages

    npm run build

    This command will build several distribution bundles under the dist directory:

    1. optimizely.browser.cjs.js - This is the main entry point for browser/client-side bundles
    2. optimizely.browser.umd.js - This is used when not packaging the optimizely-sdk with your own JS bundles. Instead you would load this script as a <script> tag and reference it via the global var optimizelyClient
    3. optimizely.node.js - This is the main entry point for Node apps

    The browser bundles also come with a minified / production-ready version.

    Environment Variables

    The .yml of this project contains environment vairables for BROWSER_STACK_USERNAME and BROWSER_STACK_ACCESS_KEY.

    These variables, created in BrowserStack, are encrypted by the TravisCI public key. This is done directly with the TravisCI command line tools; for additional information see travis encrypt-file.


    Please see CONTRIBUTING.



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