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    Operational PivotGrid Build Status Netlify Status

    ⚠️ This is highly experimental package and doesn't follow semantic versioning yet.

    This component is used to show pivot table. Cells can be simple text (classical pivot table) or charts, to do the trick it uses cell render prop, which will get frame as param (as well as other params).


    yarn add @operational/grid


    import * as React from "react";
    import AutoSizer from "react-virtualized-auto-sizer";
    import { DataFrame } from "@operational/frame";
    import { PivotGrid } from "@operational/grid";
    const frame = new DataFrame(/* ... */);
    const pivotedFrame = frame.pivot({
      /* ... */
    const App = () => (
      <AutoSizer style={{ minHeight: "500px", height: "100%" }}>
        {({ width, height }) => <PivotGrid width={width} height={height} data={pivotedFrame} measures={/* ... */} />}

    Required params

    PivotGrid expects width and height as params, because it uses virtual scrolling, so it needs to know dimensions. You can use react-virtualized-auto-sizer to make <PivotGrid /> to use all available space.

    PivotGrid expects PivotFrame as data param. It will provide information about which values to use as rows and columns and the actual data.

    PivotGrid expects measures as param. For text-based pivot table it is required, for pivot table of charts it is optional.

    PivotGrid expects cell render property, which will render content of cells. For text-based pivot table it is optional.

    Optional params

    accessors.width, accessors.height - accessors (basically callbacks) responsible for detecting width and height of cells.

    style.cell - styles of cell, you can use it to provide padding for example

    style.border - style of border

    measuresPlacement - if we want to place measures in rows or columns. Defaults to column.




    npm i @operational/grid

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