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    TypeScript Express Example Server API generator for OpenAPI Generator Plus

    An OpenAPI Generator Plus template for a TypeScript API server using Express to serve example responses.

    If you've added example responses in your OpenAPI spec then this server will output them in response to API requests. If you've specified multiple requests it will randomly choose between them.


    See the OpenAPI Generator Plus documentation for how to use generator templates.

    Once the generator has been run, the generated package can be run using:

    npm install
    npm start

    It will start an API server running on port 3000.

    You may also specify a different port:

    npm start -- -p 9000

    Config file

    The available config file properties are:

    Project layout

    Property Type Description Default
    relativeSourceOutputPath string The path to output generated source code, relative to the output path. ./ or ./src if npm is specified.


    A tsconfig.json file will be output if you specify any of the TypeScript config options.

    Property Type Description Default
    typescript TypeScriptConfig Configuration for the tsconfig.json file. undefined


    Property Type Description Default
    target string The ECMAScript target version. ES5


    Property Type Description Default
    npm NpmConfig Configuration for generating an npm package.json undefined


    Property Type Description Default
    name string The package name typescript-fetch-api
    version string The package version 0.0.1
    repository string The URL to the package repository undefined


    Property Type Description Default
    customTemplates string The path to a directory containing custom Handlebars templates, relative to the config file. See Customising below. undefined


    This generator supports a customTemplates config file property to specify a directory containing Handlebars templates that will be used to override built-in templates.

    Any custom template will have the original template available as a partial named by prefixing the template name with original, and then upper-casing the first letter, e.g. originalModelEnum.

    Some of the templates in the generator are designed to support overriding for custom requirements. Please inspect the templates in the templates directory.


    npm i @openapi-generator-plus/typescript-express-example-server-generator

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