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    Java JAX-RS Server API generator for OpenAPI Generator Plus

    An OpenAPI Generator Plus template for a Java API server using JAX-RS.


    The generated code has useful features:

    • Exceptions are used for non-default responses, such as 400 responses, so you can only return the specified status codes.
    • Response Exceptions can have an entity type to return with the error response.
    • Model objects and enums will be nested in the API service if they are inlined in the specification.


    See the OpenAPI Generator Plus documentation for how to use generator templates.

    Config file

    The available config file properties are:

    Project layout

    Property Type Description Default
    package string Base package name that other default package names will be based on. "com.example"
    apiPackage string Package for API interfaces. "${package}"
    apiImplPackage string Package for API implementation classes. "${apiPackage}.impl"
    apiServicePackage string Package for API service interfaces. "${apiPackage}.service"
    apiServiceImplPackage string Package for API service implementation classes. "${apiServicePackage}.impl"
    modelPackage string Package for API model classes. "${package}.model"
    invokerPackage string | null Package for API invoker classes. "${package}.app"
    validationPackage string Package for API validation classes. "${package}.validation"
    relativeSourceOutputPath string The path to output generated source code, relative to the output path. ./ or ./src/main/java if maven is specified.

    Code style

    Property Type Description Default
    useBeanValidation boolean Whether to use bean validation. true
    dateImplementation string Date type class. "java.time.LocalDate"
    timeImplementation string Time type class. "java.time.LocalTime"
    dateTimeImplementation string Date time type class. "java.time.OffsetDateTime"
    binaryRepresentation string Binary data representation. "byte[]"
    constantStyle "allCapsSnake" | "allCaps" | "camelCase" | "pascalCase" The style to use for constant naming. "allCapsSnake"
    apiClassPrefix string Apply a prefix to all API interface and implementation class names. undefined
    modelClassPrefix string Apply a prefix to all model class names. undefined
    authenticationRequiredAnnotation string Annotation to add to API methods that require authentication. undefined
    useJakarta boolean Whether to use jakarta packages instead of javax packages. false


    Property Type Description Default
    maven MavenConfig Configuration for generating a Maven pom.xml undefined


    Property Type Description Default
    groupId string The Maven template groupId com.example
    artifactId string The Maven template artifactId api-server
    version string The Maven template version 0.0.1
    versions { name: version } Custom dependency versions (see pom.hbs) undefined


    Property Type Description Default
    hideGenerationTimestamp boolean Whether to hide the timestamp in the @Generated annotation. false


    Property Type Description Default
    includeTests boolean Whether to generate test classes. false
    junitVersion 4 | 5 The JUnit version to use. 5


    Property Type Description Default
    imports string[] Additional imports to add to all generated classes. undefined
    customTemplates string The path to a directory containing custom Handlebars templates, relative to the config file. See Customising below. undefined


    This generator supports a customTemplates config file property to specify a directory containing Handlebars templates that will be used to override built-in templates.

    Any custom template will have the original template available as a partial named by prefixing the template name with original, and then upper-casing the first letter, e.g. originalBodyParams.

    Some of the templates in the generator are designed to support overriding for custom requirements. Please inspect the templates in the templates directory.


    npm i @openapi-generator-plus/java-jaxrs-server-generator

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