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    Getting started with Omniboard in less than 5 minutes (video)

    Create account, get API key and define checks

    1. Create account for
    2. Generate API key in the (docs)
    3. Set API key as an OMNIBOARD_API_KEY environment variable (or pass it in using --api-key flag when running omniboard command, never commit your API key to the version control system)
    4. (optional) test your API key using npx omniboard test-connection --api-key <your-api-key> (same as omniboard tc --ak <your-api-key>)
    5. Define checks in the app

    Run in projects

    Make sure you have already set OMNIBOARD_API_KEY environment variable in the given environment

    1. install it using npm i -D @omniboard/analyzer in the project we want to analyze (dev dependency)
    2. run it using npx omniboard (or run omniboard as a npm script, eg "postbuild": "omniboard"")


    • npx @omniboard/analyzer (in case it was not pre installed)


    • npm i -g @omniboard/analyzer - install it globally to be able to run omniboard in any path without waiting for npx install


    Run omniboard --help for list of all supported commands and options (omniboard <command> --help, provides even more details)

    • --help - print help
    • --verbose - print debug log statements
    • --api-key - pass in API key when not set as an environment variable
    • --errors-as-warnings - exit with success (0) even in case of errors and log them as warnings (useful for CI)
    • --check-pattern - only run checks matching provided pattern
    • --json - store data in local json file
    • --json-path - location of local json file
    • --silent - silcences the renderer

    How it works

    1. retrieve current checks defined in the app
    2. run retrieved checks for the current project (skip checks that are disabled or if project name does not match provided pattern)
    3. upload checks results to the app (if OMNIBOARD_API_KEY env variable or --api-key flag is present)
    4. (Optional) store check results locally (when --json flag was present)
    5. Explore results in the app using projects, results or dashboards overview


    Is it possible to run @omniboard/analyzer behind organization proxy?


    The @omniboard/analyzer uses global-agent library which will uses HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables and use them to make requests to

    Is this uploading my source code to the cloud?


    The @omniboard/analyzer runs checks against your source code (or even generated artifacts) and uploads results of these checks to the cloud service for further processing. The uploaded content is then just metadata describing the projects and results but NOT the projects themselves.

    In theory, a check which matches everything could be constructed but such result will be rejected as the payload would be too large. The limits of how much data can be stored per check and per all checks for a project can be customized in organization settings in the app.


    npm i @omniboard/analyzer

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