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ESLint shareable config used @OKP4

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Purpose & Philosophy

This repository holds the shared ESLint configuration used for all our TypeScript projects at OKP4.

The current configuration enforces strict dogmatic rules - (too strict you might think)- in addition to those recommended by the various linting extensions available such as ESLint itself, and various plugins such as react, react-hooks, typescript-eslint...

Indeed, at OKP4 we are convinced that the quality of the code depends on clear and consistent coding conventions, with an automated enforcement.

The rules configured are mainly based on two pillars:

  • React: We encourage as much as possible an architectural approach focusing on Functional Components. That's why we enforce a strict mode and a High Severity according to the recommendations of Facebook Core (React Team).
  • TypeScript: At OKP4, we love Type Safety, and we are deeply conviced that better type safety means less error in production. That's one of the reasons we chose TypeScript over JavaScript. We've therefore adopted very strict Type Checking rules in order to take advantage of the best of TypeScript.



npm version must be at least equal to 7.0.0 to install automatically peer-dependencies (see https://github.blog/2020-10-13-presenting-v7-0-0-of-the-npm-cli/)

npm i @okp4/eslint-config


If you want to use yarn, you must first list all peer dependencies using npm and add then individually with yarn.

First, list the peer dependencies and versions:

npm info @okp4/eslint-config@latest peerDependencies

Then run the following command line for each listed peer dependency.

yarn add --dev <dependency>@<version>



Create your .eslintrc configuration file, taking care to properly inform the source of the project used for the TypeScript parser:

  "extends": "@okp4", // may be combined with other shareable configurations
  "parserOptions": {
    "project": "./tsconfig.json"


Cretate your .prettierrc.js configuration file :

module.exports = {


So you want to contribute? Great. We appreciate any help you're willing to give. Don't hesitate to open issues and/or submit pull requests.

Remember that this is the configuration we use at OKP4, and that we apply everywhere in our private and public projects. This is why we may have to refuse change requests simply because they do not comply with our internal requirements, and not because they are not relevant.

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