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    Illustrative usage example

    import express from 'express';
    import wkj from 'well-known-json';
    const app = express();
    // Each resource will be a separate JSON resource under the well-known endpoint
    const resources = {
      'foo/bar': {
        // Will be at .well-known/foo/bar
        a: 1,
        b: 2
      baz: {
        // Will be at .well-known/baz
        obj: {
          // Function properties are evaluated for each response generated
          now: function () {
          // String properties that look like relative URIs are converted to absolute URIs
          uri: './relative/path'
        // Other things become JSON normally
        str: 'words here'
    // Options for well-known-json middleware (and middlewares it uses)
    const options = {
      // Passed directly to cors middleware
      cors: {
        /* whatever you can give the cors middleware */
      // Optional base for resolving relative URIs
      // If omitted, wkj will use the protocol and host to which the request was sent
      baseUri: ''
    // Create a middleware instance
    const wkjMiddleware = wkj(resources, options)
    // Mount the middleware with express
    // Add additional resources after creation
    // They will be merged with a prexisting resource with the same name
    wkjMiddleware.addResource('baz', {
      more: 'stuff', // Add key more to baz
      str: 'different words here' // Overwrite key str in baz from before


    • Enables CORS (including pre-flight) for its corresponding JSON documents
    • Converts relative URIs to absolute
    • Can have functions "in the documents" which get evaluated for each request
    • Supports de-facto standard for reverse proxies (i.e. X-Forwarded-* headers)


    npm i @oada/well-known-json

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