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Redirect Module 🔀 No more cumbersome redirects!

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Nuxt module to dynamically redirect initial requests

📖 Release Notes


Redirecting URLs is an often discussed topic, especially when it comes to SEO. Previously it was hard to create a "real" redirect without performance loss or incorrect handling. But this time is over!


  1. Add the @nuxtjs/redirect-module dependency with yarn or npm to your project
  2. Add @nuxtjs/redirect-module to the modules section of nuxt.config.js:
  3. Configure it:
  modules: [
    ['@nuxtjs/redirect-module', {
      // Redirect option here

Using top level options

  modules: [
  redirect: [
    // Redirect options here



  • Default: []

Rules of your redirects.


  • Default: (req, res, next) => decodeURI(req.url)

You can set decode.


  • Default: (error, req, res, next) => next(error)

You can set callback when there is an error in the decode.


  • Default: 302

You can set the default statusCode which gets used when no statusCode is defined on the rule itself.


Simply add the links you want to redirect as objects to the module option array:

redirect: [
  { from: '^/myoldurl', to: '/mynewurl' }

You can set up a custom status code as well. By default, it's 302!

redirect: [
  { from: '^/myoldurl', to: '/mynewurl', statusCode: 301 }

As you may have already noticed, we are leveraging the benefits of Regular Expressions. Hence, you can fully customize your redirects.

redirect: [
  { from: '^/myoldurl/(.*)$', to: '/comeallhere' }, // Many urls to one
  { from: '^/anotherold/(.*)$', to: '/new/$1' } // One to one mapping

Furthermore you can use a function to create your to url as well 👍 The from rule and the req of the middleware will be provided as arguments. The function can also be async!

redirect: [
    from: '^/someUrlHere/(.*)$',
    to: (from, req) => {
      const param = req.url.match(/functionAsync\/(.*)$/)[1]
      return `/posts/${param}`

And if you really need more power... okay! You can also use a factory function to generate your redirects:

redirect: async () => {
  const someThings = await axios.get("/myApi") // It'll wait!
  return someThings.map(coolTransformFunction)

Now, if you want to customize your redirects, how your decode is done or when there is some error in the decode, you can also:

redirect: {
  rules: [
    { from: '^/myoldurl', to: '/mynewurl' }
  onDecode: (req, res, next) => decodeURI(req.url),
  onDecodeError: (error, req, res, next) => next(error)

ATTENTION: The factory function must return an array with redirect objects (as seen above).


The redirect module will not work in combination with nuxt generate. Redirects are realized through a server middleware, which can only react when there is a server running.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  3. Start development server using npm run dev


MIT License

Copyright (c) Alexander Lichter npm@lichter.io



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