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    An opinionated release script


    $ npm install -g @not-an-aardvark/node-release-script
    $ node-release-script

    What does it do?

    Note that this tool is very opinionated, is not intended to be a general-purpose release tool. If you're looking for that, consider using semantic-release instead.

    This tool does the following:

    • Generates a changelog from the git commits since last release
    • Updates the version number in package.json, according to semantic versioning
    • Creates a git commit for the release
    • Creates a git tag for the release

    Note that this does not push the updates anywhere. You should run npm publish, git push, and git push --tag afterwards to update the remotes.

    The updated version number is determined based on the commit messages since the last release. Your commit messages should start one of the following prefixes:

    • Breaking: semver-major
    • New: semver-minor
    • Update: semver-minor
    • Fix: semver-patch
    • Docs: semver-patch
    • Build: semver-patch
    • Upgrade: semver-patch
    • Chore: semver-patch

    The changelog will include links to issues and commits, based on the origin remote URL in your local git repository. To ensure that the links in the changelog work, make sure your remote is called origin, it uses the https: protocol, and it is linked to an existing reporitory on GitHub.

    In order for commits to be added correctly, the changelog must be in a file called CHANGELOG.md in the project root. It must start with the text # Changelog followed by two linebreaks.





    npm i @not-an-aardvark/node-release-script

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