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    mssql driver for node-db-migrate

    I started this repo from a fork of . Took me about half a day to build it, and it's working. jpinkster added support for transactions which secures migration state which I merged in today (version 1.1.0).

    There is another db-migrate-mssql package ( that existed before this one. It's published on npm as db-migrate-mssql. That is the also the one that node-db-migrate canonically uses when configuring driver: "mssql". I'm not sure of the quality of that package. At first it wasn't working but got fixed recently supposedly.


    If you'd like to use this one as an alternative to the existing db-migrate-mssql, make sure to install it like this.

    yarn add db-migrate-mssql@npm:@nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql

    This installs a dependency by the name of db-migrate-mssql (as an alias) but with the source being @nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql. It looks like this in your package.json dependencies afterwards.

    "db-migrate-mssql": "npm:@nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql",

    Note: Don't do yarn add @nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql for now, and if you already did, remove the line "@nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql": "...", from your package.json. Once the requested feature is added to node-db-migrate allowing you to appoint another repo as the driver, you can install as yarn add @nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql, but don't use this quite yet.


    npm i @nmagnussen/db-migrate-mssql

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