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    Lumberjack Applicationinsights Driver is a custom log driver for ngworker/lumberjack. It is used to send logs over Azure Application Insights protocol.


    • Logs to Azure Application Insights log store
    • Unit test coverage
    • Prints your DEBUG, WARNING and CRITICAL logs to console
    • Follows Lumberjack Best Practices guide

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    LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver is published as the @ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver package.

    Toolchain Command
    Angular CLI ng add @ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver
    NPM CLI npm install @ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver
    Yarn CLI yarn add @ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver


    LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver has verified compatibility with the following packages versions.

    LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver Lumberjack @microsoft/applicationinsights-web
    1.0.x ^2.0.0 ^2.5.11

    If the version you are using is not listed, please raise an issue in our GitHub repository.


    To start using LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver, import it in your root or core Angular module along with Lumberjack.

    import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
    import { LumberjackLevel, LumberjackModule } from '@ngworker/lumberjack';
    import { LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver } from '@ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver';
      imports: [
          levels: [LumberjackLevel.Verbose],
          levels: [LumberjackLevel.Critical, LumberjackLevel.Error],
          instrumentationKey: environment.appInsights.instrumentationKey,
          loggingLevelConsole: 3,
        // (...)
      // (...)
    export class AppModule {}

    Now you can start using the LumberjackService or extend LumberjackLogger and they will automatically use the LumberjackApplicationinsightsDriver.


    To use the Application Insights you must provide or instrumentationKey, or connectionString in the configuration object provided in forRoot. Additionally you can specify loggingLevelConsole.

    Setting Description
    instrumentationKey Instrumentation key of resource. Either this or connectionString must be specified.
    connectionString Connection string of resource. Either this or instrumentationKey must be specified.
    loggingLevelConsole Console logging level. All logs with a severity level higher than the configured level will be printed to console. Otherwise they are suppressed. Level 3 will print DEBUG, WARNING and CRITICAL logs to console, level 2 will print both CRITICAL and WARNING logs to console, level 1 prints only CRITICAL.



    Contributors to this repository are welcome to use the Wallaby.js OSS License to get test results immediately as you type, and see the results in your editor right next to your code.


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


    npm i @ngworker/lumberjack-applicationinsights-driver

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