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    Common utils for Web APIs

    Part of Web APIs for Angular

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    A set of common utils for consuming Web APIs with Angular


    • WINDOW — provides access to global window object
    • NAVIGATOR — provides access to window.navigator object
    • NETWORK_INFORMATION — provides access to window.navigator.connection object
    • USER_AGENT — provides access to window.navigator.userAgent string
    • MEDIA_DEVICES — provides access to window.navigator.mediaDevices object
    • PERFORMANCE — provides access to window.performance object
    • ANIMATION_FRAME — shared Observable based on window.requestAnimationFrame
    • CACHES — provides access to window.caches object
    • CSS — provides access to window.CSS object or mock object if it's not available (i.e. in IE)
    • CRYPTO — provides access to window.crypto object
    • LOCATION — provides access to window.location object
    • LOCAL_STORAGE — provides access to window.localStorage object
    • SCREEN — provides access to window.screen object
    • SESSION_STORAGE — provides access to window.sessionStorage object
    • SPEECH_RECOGNITION — provides access to SpeechRecognition class or returns null if browser does not support it
    • SPEECH_SYNTHESIS — provides access to window.speechSynthesis object
    • PAGE_VISIBILITY — wrapper for document.addEventListener('visibilityChange') api
    • HISTORY — provides access to window.history object

    How to use

    Just inject a token you need. You can also take a look at Stackblitz sample

    What advantages do we get from abstract entities in our app?

    👨‍🎓 It is easy to understand: you see all dependencies of your entity in its constructor

    🧞 It is easy to test: you can just mock any of your dependencies to test

    🧩 It is easy to reuse: your components and directives can be used in any context if it has dependencies that they need to be created

    ♻️ It is environment agnostic: you can start your app in SSR or other environments (see also @ng-web-apis/universal)

    See also

    Other Web APIs for Angular by @ng-web-apis

    Core team

    Alex Inkin
    Alex Inkin
    Roman Sedov
    Roman Sedov


    npm i @ng-web-apis/common

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