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Simple HTML Tokenizer is a lightweight JavaScript library that can be used to tokenize the kind of HTML normally found in templates. It can be used to preprocess templates to change the behavior of some template element depending upon whether the template element was found in an attribute or text.

It is not a full HTML5 tokenizer. It focuses on the kind of HTML that is used in templates: content designed to be inserted into the <body> and without <script> tags.

In particular, Simple HTML Tokenizer does not handle many states from the HTML5 Tokenizer Specification:

  • Any states involving CDATA or RCDATA
  • Any states involving <script>
  • Any states involving <DOCTYPE>
  • The bogus comment state

It also passes through character references, instead of trying to tokenize and process them, because the preprocessed templates will ultimately be parsed by a real browser context.

At the moment, there are some error states specified by the tokenizer spec that are not handled by Simple HTML Tokenizer. Ultimately, I plan to support all error states, as well as provide information about tokenizer errors in debug mode.


You can tokenize HTML:

var tokens = HTML5Tokenizer.tokenize("<div id='foo' href=bar class=\"bat\">");

var token = tokens[0];
token.tagName     //=> "div"
token.attributes  //=> [["id", "foo"], ["href", "bar"], ["class", "bat"]]
token.selfClosing //=> false

Building and running the tests

npm install
npm test



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