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    A extension of eslint-config-airbnb-base style but for newer javascript (ES2021). Used in the nexso development (an aPaaS).

    This is intended to work in Node.js 14+ environments.

    How to use

    Install the config as development dependency npm i -D eslint @nexso/eslint-config.

    Create a .eslintrc file with:

      "extends": "@nexso",
      "rules": [

    Add type module to your package.json file:

      "type": "module",
      "name": "your-app-or-lib-name",
      "version": "1.0.0",

    Using with eslint wizard (optional)

    If you want to use with eslint --init command, simple change the file:

    • Windows (Global installation): %APPDATA%\npm\node_modules\eslint\lib\init\config-initializer.js

    • Linux: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/eslint/lib/init/config-initializer.js

    And find the question: name: "styleguide" (~ line 540) and add nexso option:

        type: "select",
        name: "styleguide",
        message: "Which style guide do you want to follow?",
        choices: [
            { message: "nexso:", name: "@nexso/eslint-config" }, // This
            { message: "Airbnb:", name: "airbnb" },
            { message: "Standard:", name: "standard" },
            { message: "Google:", name: "google" },
            { message: "XO:", name: "xo" }

    You can also use the file from this repo: config-initializer.js.

    Secure by default

    This config also includes security plugins:

    Differences from AirBnb Base

    Some configs from airbnb-base was changed:

    module imports

    Use ES6 syntax to import modules, natively in node.js 14+.

    // import npm or node built-in modules (old: `require()`)
    import { createPrivateKey, createPublicKey } from 'crypto';
    // Whatever ...
    function getKeyPair(pem) {
      return {
        public: createPublicKey(pem),
        private: createPrivateKey(pem),
    // export class, function, module, lib... (old `module.exports`)
    export default getKeyPair;

    Note that you must add type: module to your package.json file:

      "type": "module",
      "name": "your-application",
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "main": "index.js"

    So the source type is set to module:

    "parserOptions": {
        "sourceType": "module"

    Import extensions

    Node.js type module requires that you specify the extension when importing a local file:

    // src/controller/foo.js
    import { Bar } from '../svc/index.js'; // index must be declared too

    So the rule import/extensions is set as:

    "import/extensions": ["error", "always", {
        "ignorePackages": true

    Private fields/methods

    Enable private fields and private methods:

    For this work in VS Code, Babel parser should be used and two plugins are used:

    "parser": "@babel/eslint-parser",
    "parserOptions": {
        "ecmaVersion": 12,
        "babelOptions": {
            "plugins": [

    for await...of

    AirBnB config doesn't support this statement and thrown an error:

    iterators/generators require regenerator-runtime, which is too heavyweight for this guide to allow them. Separately, loops should be avoided in favor of array iterations.

    You can read the discussion at Issue #1271.

    This config enables this with the rules:

    "no-restricted-syntax": [
            "selector": "ForInStatement",
            "message": " loops iterate over the entire prototype chain, which is virtually never what you want. Use Object.{keys,values,entries}, and iterate over the resulting array."
            "selector": "LabeledStatement",
            "message": "Labels are a form of GOTO; using them makes code confusing and hard to maintain and understand."
            "selector": "WithStatement",
            "message": "`with` is disallowed in strict mode because it makes code impossible to predict and optimize."

    Note the absence of ForOfStatement selector. (Since we don't have specific AST for for await...of).

    max-len in JSDoc comments

    Ignore max-len in comments to not warn about long JS Docs lines in pure JavaScript.

       * To something that requires a long type param
       * @param {import('@google-cloud/secret-manager')} secret The secret payload

    So the rule import/extensions is set as:

    "max-len": [
            "code": 100,
            "ignoreComments": true 

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