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This module is for publishing source maps to New Relic Browser. It can be used from the command line or programatically from a node script.

Published source maps are used to automatically unminify stack traces for JavaScript errors in the New Relic Browser Monitoring product.

Please see the source map documentation for more details.

Command Line


In order to publish source maps from the command line, install the library globally.

npm install -g @newrelic/publish-sourcemap


Options can be provided on the command line or as environment variables.

To publish a source map:
publish-sourcemap [dist/ ||] []  --applicationId=[ID] --nrAdminKey=[apiKey]

  --applicationId  Browser application id (APPLICATION_ID)
  --nrAdminKey     New Relic admin api key (NR_ADMIN_KEY)
  --releaseName    [Optional] unique identifer for the release name
  --releaseId      [Optional] unique version for the release identifier
To list source maps for an application:
list-sourcemaps --applicationId=[ID] --nrAdminKey=[apiKey] --limit=[20] --offset=[0]

  --applicationId  Browser application id (APPLICATION_ID)
  --nrAdminKey     New Relic admin api key (NR_ADMIN_KEY)
  --limit          Max number of results to return, default 20
  --offset         Number of results to skip before returning, default 0
To delete a source map:
delete-sourcemap --applicationId=[ID] --nrAdminKey=[apiKey] --sourcemapId=[sourcemapId]

  --applicationId  Browser application id (APPLICATION_ID)
  --nrAdminKey     New Relic admin api key (NR_ADMIN_KEY)
  --sourcemapId    Unique id generated for a source map

Note that you may have to use list-sourcemaps to get the unique id for the source map to delete.

From javascript


The module can also be used from a JavaScript build tool such as gulp.

npm install --save-dev @newrelic/publish-sourcemap
var publishSourcemap = require(‘@newrelic/publish-sourcemap’).publishSourcemap
  sourcemapPath: './dist/', // from a local file 
  // sourcemapUrl: '', // or from a URL 
  javascriptUrl: '',
  applicationId: 1234,
  nrAdminKey: 'APIKEY',
}, function (err) { console.log(err || 'Source map upload done')})
var deleteSourcemap = require(‘@newrelic/publish-sourcemap’).deleteSourcemap
  sourcemapId: 'aaaaaaaa-bbbb-1010-bbbb-cccccccccccc',
  applicationId: 1234,
  nrAdminKey: 'APIKEY',
}, function (err) { console.log(err || 'Deleted source map')})
var listSourcemaps = require(‘@newrelic/publish-sourcemap’).listSourcemaps
  applicationId: 1234,
  nrAdminKey: 'APIKEY',
  limit: 20,
  offset: 20
}, function (err, res) { console.log(err || res.body)})