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This library contains a single guard that allows for checking multiple guards and if any one of them passes the entire request will be considered authenticated.


Pick your favorite package manager and install. Should be straight forward.

npm i @nest-lab/or-guard
yarn add @nest-lab/or-guard
pnpm i @nest-lab/or-guard


To use the OrGuard, there are a couple of things that need to happen, due to how the guard resolves the guards it's going to be using.

First, make sure to add all the guards the OrGuard will be using to the current module's providers array. Enhancer in Nest are just specialized providers after all. This will allow the OrGuard to use a ModuleRef to get these guards.

Second, make sure none of these guards are REQUEST or TRANSIENT scoped, as this will make the OrGuard throw an error.

Third, make use of it! The OrGuard takes in an array of guard to use for the first parameter, and an optional second parameter for options as described below.

important: for Nest v7, use @nest-lab/or-guard@1.0.0, for Nest v8, please use v2

OrGuard(guards: CanActivate[], orGuardOptions?: OrGuardOptions): CanActivate
  • guards: an array of guards for the OrGuard to resolve and test
  • orGuardOptions: an optional object with properties to modify how the OrGuard functions
interface OrGuardOptions {
  throwOnFirstError?: boolean;
  • throwOnFirstError: a boolean to tell the OrGuard whether to throw if an error is encountered or if the error should be considered a return false. The default value is false. If this is set to true, the first error encountered will lead to the same error being thrown.

Note: guards are ran in a non-deterministic order. All guard returns are transformed into Observables and ran concurrently to ensure the fastest response time possible.

Local Development

Feel free to pull down the repository and work locally. If any changes are made, please make sure tests are added to ensure the functionality works and nothing is broken.

Running unit tests

Run nx test or-guard to execute the unit tests via Jest.




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