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    Wrap persistence node

    Wrap persistence node is a node.js console app with an integrated IPFS node that can crawl/listen for all ENS wrapper registrations (via content records) and automatically pin the IPFS URIs. It achieves that by watching for the "Contenthash changed" events of the public ENS resolver, reading the IPFS hash of the records and automatically pinning the contents at that IPFS hash (only if the contents contain a valid wrapper).

    It also has an integrated IPFS gateway that exposes the local IPFS node through an HTTPS API.

    Run without cloning the repo:

    1. Install with "npm install -g @nerfzael/wrap-persistence-node"
    2. Create .env file from the .env.template in the directory where you want to execute the node
    3. In that directory, run "wrap-persistence-node {command}"

    Run with cloning the repo:

    1. Clone the repo
    2. Run "nvm install && nvm use"
    3. Run "yarn" to install dependencies
    4. Create a .env file from the .env.template and fill in the required information
    5. Run "yarn dev {command}" to run the commands with ts-node

    The following commands are supported:

    • past: Run for a past block count
    • missed: Run for missed blocks while the app was offline
    • listen: Listen for events and pin wrappers
    • unresponsive: Process unresponsive IPFS URIs
    • info: Display useful information about the current state (pinned hash count, unresponsive count, etc)
    • reset: Delete the storage file
    • api Run the IPFS gateway API
    • help: display help for command


    npm i @nerfzael/wrap-persistence-node

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