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The NEEO CLI helps with running and developing NEEO SDK drivers.

Installing NEEO SDK drivers and running them with the CLI

For example if you want to run the https://github.com/nklerk/neeo_driver-kodi driver with the CLI in the my-neeo-server/ folder.

To install locally:

mkdir my-neeo-server
cd my-neeo-server
npm init -y
npm install --save https://github.com/nklerk/neeo_driver-kodi @neeo/cli

To start the server with the driver:

npx neeo-cli start

NOTE: if you use Node 6 npx is not available, you can start the cli using this command:

node_modules/.bin/neeo-cli start

The CLI tool will automatically scan the node_modules directory to find NEEO Drivers.


Run DEBUG="neeo:cli*" npx neeo-cli start to see debug messages.

Using the CLI to run drivers:

neeo-cli start will start the drivers installed in the current folder.

Installing drivers for the CLI server

Drivers can easily be installed from different sources via npm:

  • Drivers hosted on npm (for example ${driverName}):
    • npm install --save ${driverName}
  • Drivers hosted on Github (for example: ${githubURL}):
    • npm install --save git+${githubURL}
  • Drivers availabe locally (relative to current path for example ../neeo-driver-custom-device):
    • npm install ../neeo-driver-custom-device
  • For more options see npm install documentation

The NEEO CLI will automatically load installed drivers it finds in the node_modules folder. Currently NEEO Drivers are detected by prefix (recommendation neeo-driver-):

For example:

  • neeo-driver-example
  • neeo-driver-device-example
  • neeo-driver-custom-example

For backwards compatibility reasons drivers prefixed with neeo- or neeo_ are still loaded, but we recommend new drivers to use neeo-driver- as a prefix.

Configuration and options

The neeo-cli can be configured to start the server with different options.

In the package.json you can use a neeoSdkOptions property:

  "dependencies": { ... },
  "devDependencies": { ... },
  "neeoSdkOptions": {
    "serverName": "neeo-sdk-examples-server", // Optional name for the server
    "serverPort": 6336, // Port the server will listen for connections on
    "brainHost": "", // If set will connect to a specific Brain instead of discovering one

Environment variable options (these will take precedence over the neeoSdkOptions above):

  • NEEO_SERVER_NAME: Sets the server name (overrides neeoSdkOptions.serverName)
  • NEEO_SERVER_PORT: Sets the port the server will run on (overrides neeoSdkOptions.serverPort)
  • NEEO_HOST_IP: Sets IP of the NEEO Brain to connect to (overrides neeoSdkOptions.brainHost)


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