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Collect and send stats about your node.js process to elasticsearch.

This module exposes a function which initialises a connection to elasticsearch and creates a stats event emitter to gather useful in process stats to be sent via the connection.

Intro to the nearform stats tooling

Created with the purpose to make creating visualisations about your process easy. At nearform, we achieve this using the modules stats, stats-to-elasticsearch and create-stats-dashboard. This makes it very easy to collect process stats in elasticsearch and visualise them in a dashboard in kibana, similar to that below:

a kibana stats dashboard screenshot

Once your dashboard is setup with create-stats-dashboard, all you should need to do is require the stats-to-elasticsearch module and point it at the dashboard to get cool (and useful) visualisations!


npm i -s @nearform/stats-to-elasticsearch


const StatsToElastic = require('@nearform/stats-to-elasticsearch')
const statsToElastic = StatsToElastic({elaticsearchConfig: {...}, statsConfig: {...}})

Or you can preload your process with this module like so:

ES_HOST=localhost ES_PORT=9200 node -r @nearform/stats-to-elasticsearch index.js



Returns: An object configured with an open connection to elasticsearch and a stats event emitter to gather stats from.

Opts is an object which can contain the following properties:

  • elasticsearchConfig: a configuration object which is passed to the elasticsearch module when initialising the connection. Configured with the following defaults:
    •   {
          host: 'localhost:9200',
          log: 'error',
          maxRetries: Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER,
          sniffOnStart: true,
          keepAlive: true,
          sniffOnConnectionFault: true

The host property can be modified using the ES_HOST and ES_PORT env variables. Useful if preloading your process.

  • statsConfig: A configuration object which is passed to the stats module when initialising the stats event emitter. Configured to use the standard stats defaults.

The object which was returned contains the following methods:


Starts the stats event emitter emitting stats to be sent to elasticsearch - NOTE: Called automatically on startup, only neccessary if you stop emitting events


Stops the stats event emitter emitting stats


Closes the connection to elasticsearch and stop the event emitter emitting stats, so you can cleanly exit your process


Reconnects to elasticsearch if no longer connected. NOTE: this doesn't call start, so call start() yourself if you need to.

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