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    Narakeet API client

    Command line client that allows building videos using the Narakeet API.
    See https://www.narakeet.com/docs/automating/ for more information.


    Install from NPM using "npm i -g @narakeet/api-client"
    Upgrade from a previous version using "npm i -g @narakeet/api-client@latest"


    narakeet-api-client --api-key \
    --source \
    --repository \
    --repository-type \
    [optional arguments]

    Mandatory arguments:

    * --api-key: Your Narakeet API key
    * --source: Narakeet script path inside the repository
    * --repository: Narakeet project location
    See "Repository types" below for more information
    * --repository-type: Project location type (eg github or local-dir)
    See "Repository types" below for more information

    Optional arguments:

    * --output: File name for the resulting video. Default: result.mp4
    * --verbose: Print troubleshooting information when working
    * --api-url: override the API url, useful for testing

    Additional arguments for GitHub repositories:

    * --github-token: (Required) repository access token
    * --github-sha: (Optional) source commit SHA
    useful for building from a specific tag or version
    if not specified, the current head commit will be used

    Repository types:


    Use the files inside a directory on your local disk.
    To use this option, provide the following:

    --repository: Directory path for the project
    --source: path inside the directory for your main script file

    NOTE: This requires your OS TEMP directory to be writable,
    as the client will create a temporary ZIP file there
    and upload it to Narakeet. If the TEMP dir is not writable,
    use the local-zip repository type.


    Package your project as a ZIP file on your local disk.
    To use this option, provide the following:

    --repository: path to the ZIP archive on your local disk
    --source: path inside the archive four main script file


    Package your project as a ZIP file, and upload it somewhere for Narakeet to
    download. (for example, upload to S3 and generate a pre-signed URL for
    private downlads).
    To use this option, provide the following:

    --repository: URL of your ZIP file
    --source: path inside the archive to your main script file


    Commit your project to GitHub, and build directly from the repository.
    To use this option, provide the following:

    --repository-type: github
    --repository: GitHub repository name (user/project)
    --github-token: access token with rights to download the repository
    --github-sha: optional, SHA commit to download


    Build from a local directory:

    narakeet-api-client --api-key $API_KEY \
    --source source.md \
    --repository my-video-project \
    --repository-type local-dir

    Build from a local zip:

    narakeet-api-client --api-key $API_KEY \
    --source source.md \
    --repository my-video-project.zip \
    --repository-type local-zip

    Build from a git repo:

    narakeet-api-client --api-key $API_KEY \
    --source hello-world/script/source.md \
    --repository narakeet/examples \
    --repository-type github \
    --github-token $GITHUB_TOKEN

    Build from a URL:

    narakeet-api-client --api-key $API_KEY \
    --repository $URL \
    --source source.md \
    --repository-type zip-url


    npm i @narakeet/api-client

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