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    A wrapper for performing eth based sign and verify (client and server side).


    When providing a message to sign, you should explain "why they need to sign, and what will happen"

    For example:

    Hi there from {firstName}! Press "Sign this message" to prove you have access to this wallet and we’ll log you in. This won’t cost you anything! To scuttle the plans of would-be wrong doers, here’s a one time message that is hard to guess (no need to save this): d458fa15-dcab-4d85-a477–004d6febca12

    What this message does:

    • Addresses the user
    • Uses human language, no jargon
    • Reiterates who the message is from
    • Asks them to sign and explains what they’re signing
    • Sets expectations and frames the message in terms of their goal: “by doing this you’ll be logged in”
    • Explains why
    • Makes it clear it’s not financial
    • Includes the nonce for security purposes
    • Or in other words… when faced with this message, your user understands what they need to do, why they need to do it and what will happen next.

    ClientSide (UI) TLDR;

    Provide user actions, to connect a wallet and sign a message:


    import ProviderWrapper from '@mountainpass/eth-sign'
    const provider = new ProviderWrapper(new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(ethereum))
    // state
    const [accounts, setAccounts] = React.useState([] as string[])
    const [signature, setSignature] = React.useState('-')
    // actions
    const doConnect = () => provider.connect(setAccounts)
    const doSign = (msg: string) => provider.signMessage(msg).then(setSignature)
    React.useEffect(() => provider.onAccountsChanged(setAccounts), [])

    ServerSide (Backend) TLDR;

    On the backend, determine the wallet that signed the message (based on having the original unsigned message):


    const ProviderWrapper = require('@mountainpass/eth-sign').default
    const signerWallet = await new ProviderWrapper().verifyMessage(originalMessageSlashSalt, theSignedMessage)


    Apache 2.0 © nickgrealy


    npm i @mountainpass/eth-sign

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