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    Create a bar chart SVG


    npm install @motardo/bar-chart

    Basic Usage

    const barChart = require('@motardo/bar-chart');
    const data = [3.14, 4.54, 2.72, 8, 3.33];
    const config = {
      attributes: {
        chart: [
          /* the base image of the bars is 100 by 100 square
           * so this leaves some left and right padding and room
           * below for labels
          'viewBox="0 0 120 240"',
      labels: ['Superman', 'Batman', 'Godzilla', 'Elmo', 'Thor'],
      fill: ['#b88'],
    const chart = barChart.svg(data, config);

    The output is the <svg> string for drawing the chart. It will look like this:

    bar chart

    Express Demo

    To run the demo:

    git clone
    cd bar-chart && npm install
    node demo.js

    And visit localhost:3000 in a web browser to see the example chart.r Note: You will want to resize the browser window to be quite narrow for the demo chart to display reasonably.


    The module exposes one method svg which takes an array of numbers for data to construct the bar chart. An optional config object may be given as a second parameter.


    Properties may include:

    • attributes: an object with three properties
      • chart: an array of attributes to include in the outer svg tag
      • bars: an array of attributes to apply to the bars as a group
      • labels: like bars but for the labels as a group
    • fill: an array of strings representing fill colors to cycle through for each bar (default is ["#ccc"])
    • stroke: like fill, but for the stroke colors
    • labels: an array of strings to label the data
    • labelOptions: an object to configure the label appearance
      • fontSize: default is "10px"
      • rotate: default is 60
      • padding: default is 7


    npm i @motardo/bar-chart

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