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This opinionated react router component. It adds share buttons, signin and route creation.

As arguments it takes.

  • Routes
    • name
    • location
    • function or element.
  • Authentication

The authentication is passed as a separate argument. This is done so we can access this information from our components.


To install this component into your project run:

npm install @mortonprod/react-nav-component

Import the component like so:

import {CreateRouter,Auth} from @mortonprod/react-nav-component

You will initialise Auth and then pass this to the router and any routes you like. Check out the render.js file in src as an example of how to do this.

We then import the css:

import @mortonprod/react-nav-component/dist/index.css

Note you must pull the css independently of the component so you can easily style the component differently.

Build Github

Get all the dependencies

npm run install

You will need to add your own config.js file to run this repository from github. I don't want to add my auth0 credentials to my github :-). Check out auth0 for more details.

Once you have added this you can run webpack-dev-server:

npm run start

and link to localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server/.

The tests are run with

npm run test

or to run with watchman

npm run test:watch

Documentation is create and displayed with jsdocs and node js:

npm run docs

then connect to the node server with localhost:3001 to see all the documentation.


You are free to contribute to this component if you wish.

Note to Self

Be careful when you use webpack resolve for this project. Since the css, tests and js are named the same. Webpack will just import the first file which matches the extension. This means you import css and dev tools just cryptically complains you have not exported from the file. Nightmare.



npm i @mortonprod/react-nav-component

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