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Node SDK for Moov API

This SDK provides convenient configurations and methods for using the Moov API in a server-side Node.js environment.


npm install @moovio/node


Initialize the Moov client with your account ID and API key credentials. Get these from the Moov Dashboard.

import { Moov } from "@moovio/node";

const moov = new Moov({
  accountID: "...",
  publicKey: "...",
  secretKey: "...",
  domain: "...",
await moov.ping();

Generate OAuth tokens for Moov.js and Moov Drops using Moov.generateToken().

import { Moov, SCOPES } from "@moovio/node";

const moov = new Moov({
  accountID: "...",
  publicKey: "...",
  secretKey: "...",
  domain: "...",
const token = await moov.generateToken([SCOPES.ACCOUNTS_CREATE]);

See the /examples folder for more details.


The node SDK is documented using JSDoc comments to annotate functions, methods, types, and enums. This allows us to provide autofill and inline context to developers, and is used to generate markdown files which are copied into our docs repo and exposed on docs.moov.io.

The following JSDoc tags should be included on any functions, methods, types, and enums that we want to expose to end users.

@summary - Short description that appears at the start of the section

@description - Longer description that will appear at start if no summary is provided.

@example - Used to include a code example of how a customer would implement this. Multiple examples can be used.

@param - Documents a parameter of a function or method.

@returns - What the function will return

@tag - The tag determines which markdown file the element will be included on.

@typedef - To document types like Account or Transfer. You can reference other types in your type definition.

@property - Used with the @typedef to document a propery of the type.

@enum - To document Enums

@private - To not include the in any public documentation for customers.

Documentation generation

To generate the documentation, run

npm run docs

The generation logic is in scripts/generateDocs.cjs. We parse the raw data produced by JSDoc and then run it through a set of handlebars templates in docs/templates. The final output is in docs/output.

Handlebars "helpers" do a lot of the custom documentation generation we require for our documentation website. See the calls to handlebars.registerHelper() in scripts/generateDocs.cjs for more information.

Troubleshooting and support



Node.js minimum version of 14.17.0 is required.


See CHANGELOG.md for details.


Apache 2.0. See LICENSE for details.


Yes, please! Be sure to start a discussion or create an issue before submitting a pull request.



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