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    The official CLI for moon, a build system and repo management tool for the JavaScript ecosystem, written in Rust!


    • Node.js >= 14.15


    moon can be installed with npm, pnpm, or yarn.

    # Install the dependency
    yarn add --dev @moonrepo/cli
    # Initialize moon in the repo
    npx @moonrepo/cli init


    Once projects and tasks have been configured, you can run tasks with:

    # Run `lint` in project `app`
    moon run app:lint
    # Run `lint` in all projects
    moon run :lint

    Why use moon?

    Working in the JavaScript ecosystem can be very involved, especially when it comes to managing a repository effectively. Which package manager to use? Which Node.js version to use? How to import node modules? How to build packages? So on and so forth. moon aims to streamline this entire process and provide a first-class developer experience.

    • Increased productivity - With Rust as our foundation, we can ensure robust speeds, high performance, and low memory usage. Instead of long builds blocking you, focus on your work.
    • Exceptional developer experience - As veterans of the JavaScript ecosystem, we're well aware of the pain points and frustrations. Our goal is to mitigate and overcome these obstacles.
    • Incremental adoption - At its core, moon has been designed to be adopted incrementally and is not an "all at once adoption". Migrate project-by-project, or task-by-task, it's up to you!
    • Reduced scripts confusion - package.json scripts can become unwieldy, very quickly. No more duplicating the same script into every package, or reverse-engineering which root scripts to use. With moon, all you need to know is the project name, and a task name.
    • Ensure correct versions - Whether it's Node.js or npm, ensure the same version of each tool is the same across every developer's environment. No more wasted hours of debugging.
    • Automation built-in - When applicable, moon will automatically install node_modules, or sync package dependencies, or even sync TypeScript project references.
    • And of course, the amazing list of features below!


    Not all features are currently supported, view the documentation for an accurate list!


    • Smart hashing - Collects inputs from multiple sources to ensure builds are deterministic and reproducible.
    • Remote caching - Persists builds, hashes, and caches between teammates and CI/CD environments.
    • Integrated toolchain - Automatically downloads and installs explicit versions of Node.js and other tools for consistency.
    • Multi-platform - Runs on common development platforms: Linux, macOS, and Windows.


    • Project graph - Generates a project graph for dependency and dependent relationships.
    • Project boundaries - Enforces boundaries to eliminate cycles and reduce indirection.
    • Dependency workspaces - Works alongside package manager workspaces so that projects have distinct dependency trees.
    • Ownership metadata - Declare an owner, maintainers, support channels, and more, for LDAP or another integration.


    • Dependency graph - Generates a dependency graph to increase performance and reduce workloads.
    • Action runner - Executes actions in parallel and in order using a thread pool and our dependency graph.
    • Action distribution - Distributes actions across multiple machines to increase throughput.
    • Incremental builds - With our smart hashing, only rebuild projects that have been touched since the last build.


    • Flakiness detection - Reduce flaky builds with automatic retries and passthrough settings.
    • Webhook events - Receive a webhook for every event in the pipeline. Useful for metrics gathering.
    • Terminal notifications - Receives notifications in your chosen terminal when builds are successful... or are not.


    npm i @moonrepo/cli

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