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This package is now deprecated and will no longer receive new features. Use awscdk-resource-mongodbatlas instead.

The official MongoDB Atlas AWS CDK resource for Node.js.

AWS CDK L1 construct and data structures for the AWS CloudFormation Registry type MongoDB::Atlas::X509AuthenticationDatabaseUser v1.0.0.


Generates one X.509 certificate for the specified MongoDB user. Atlas manages the certificate and MongoDB user that belong to one project. To use this resource, the requesting API Key must have the Project Atlas Admin role. This resource doesn't require the API Key to have an Access List.

To get MongoDB Cloud to generate a managed certificate for a database user, set "x509Type" : "MANAGED" on the desired MongoDB Database User.

If you are managing your own Certificate Authority (CA) in Self-Managed X.509 mode, you must generate certificates for database users using your own CA.

MongoDB Atlas API Docs

For more information about the API refer to: Custom Database Roles Endpoint

MongoDB Atlas API Docs

For more information about the API refer to: API Endpoints


In order to use this library, you will need to activate this AWS CloudFormation Registry type in your account. You can do this via the AWS Management Console or using the AWS CLI using the following command:

aws cloudformation activate-type \
  --type-name MongoDB::Atlas::X509AuthenticationDatabaseUser \
  --publisher-id bb989456c78c398a858fef18f2ca1bfc1fbba082 \
  --type RESOURCE \
  --execution-role-arn ROLE-ARN


aws cloudformation activate-type \
  --public-type-arn arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1::type/resource/bb989456c78c398a858fef18f2ca1bfc1fbba082/MongoDB-Atlas-X509AuthenticationDatabaseUser \
  --execution-role-arn ROLE-ARN

You can find more information about activating this type in the AWS CloudFormation documentation.


This library is auto-generated and published to all supported programming languages by the cdklabs/cdk-cloudformation project based on the API schema published for MongoDB::Atlas::X509AuthenticationDatabaseUser.

  • Issues related to this generated library should be reported here.
  • Issues related to MongoDB::Atlas::X509AuthenticationDatabaseUser should be reported to the publisher.
  • Feature requests should be reported here


Distributed under the Apache-2.0 License.


npm i @mongodbatlas-awscdk/x509-authentication-database-user

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