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    Generic page loading control in plain JS / Angular / Vue, designed to be as small as possible.

    This module ships with an Angular wrapper ($loader) but can be addressed either as $loader (Angular) or Loader (vanilla JavaScript).

    Demo available here

    This component was built by the really cool guys at Moms Friendly Development Company.

    // Do something complicated

    Or mix up foreground + background loading:

    // Do something complicated
    // Much later...


    Vanilla JavaScript + Core install

    • Install the library with npm i --save @momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-loader

    • Include the dist/loader.css and dist/loader.js files as high as possible within your <head/> element:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-loader/dist/loader.css"/>
    <script src="node_modules/@momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-loader/dist/loader.js"></script>

    Angular install (optional)

    • Install the core files as above

    • Include the dist/ng-loader.js after the main Angular module has loaded:

    <script src="node_modules/@momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-loader/dist/ng-loader.js"></script>
    • Add the angular-ui-loader module into the call:
    var app = angular.module("app", [
    • You should now have access to the $loader service which exposes the Loader API.

    See the demo HTML file for an example file layout.

    Vue install (optional)

    import $loader from '@momsfriendlydevco/loader/dist/vue-loader.js';



    Boolean indicating if we are doing any loading.


    Boolean indicating if we are doing any background loading.


    Boolean indicating if we are doing any foreground loading.


    Returns true if the loader is active for either foreground or background loading.


    Returns true if the loader is loading in the foreground.


    Returns true if the loader is loading in the background.

    Loader.start([id='default'], [foreground=true])

    Add an ID to the loader process. If foreground is truthy (the default) it will be treated as a foreground process, if falsy it will be treated as a background process.


    Convenience function to register a process in the background. This function is the same as Loader.start(id, false).


    Release an ID from loading.


    Clear all ID's from loading.

    There is more functionality to tweak inside the JavaScript file. See its internal documentation for details.

    Angular API

    In al cases the Angular API mirrors the regular API with the exception that the class is instanciated as $loader:

    .component('myComponent', {
    	controller: function($loader) {
    		// Start the load indicator
    		// Do something complicated
    			.then(data => {})
    			.finally(()=> $loader.stop($scope.$id))

    CSS classes

    The base CSS of this component supports the following CSS classes:

    CSS Class Applied When Description
    loading Loading Applied to the body element during any loading operation
    loading-foreground Foreground loading Applied to the body element during a foreground loading operation
    loading-foreground-closing Foreground load end Applied temporarily to the body element to run any CSS animations to close out foreground loading
    loading-background Background loading Applied to the body element during a background loading operation
    loading-background-closing Background load end Applied temporarily to the body element to run any CSS animations to close out background loading
    hidden-loading Loading Utility class which sets display:none to any element it is applied to when the page is in any loading operation
    hidden-loading-background Background loading As above but only for background loading events
    hidden-loading-foreground Foreground loading As above but only for foreground loading events
    visible-loading Finished loading Utility class which sets items as visible when the page has finished any loading operation
    visible-loading-background Background loading As above but for background loading events
    visible-loading-foreground Foreground loading As above but for foreground loading events


    • Foreground and Background loading events are mutually exclusive. A body element will not have loading-foreground and loading-background applied at the same time.
    • There are no "loaded" styles. If you want this behaviour use not(body.loading) instead.
    • The module applies the .loading-(foreground|background)-closing style temporarily (default is 1s) to allow closing CSS transitions. The main loading-(foreground|background) style does not remain attached, if you wish for the element to remain visible you will have to add an override for visibility for the loading-*-closing styles. See the stylesheet for examples.

    Angular Events

    When using Angular the following events are also emitted via the $rootScope.$broadcast() function:

    Event Parameters Description
    $loaderStart (id) Emitted when a specific start request is fired
    $loaderStop (id) Emitted when a specific stop request is fired
    $loaderStopAll () Emitted when all loaders have stopped
    $loaderUpdateState (states) Emitted when we update the loading state. states is an object with three boolean properties: loading, foreground, background


    npm i @momsfriendlydevco/loader

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