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    Simple drawing widget to collect signatures, drawings or scrawls on a plain background or input from a webcam.

    Can be used for:

    • Signature collection
    • Annotated drawings
    • Simple scribbles




    NOTE: This module requires signature_pad

    1. Grab the NPM
    npm install --save @momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-scribble
    1. Install the required script + CSS somewhere in your build chain or include it in a HTML header:
    <script src="/libs/angular-ui-scribble/dist/votetally.min.js"/>
    <link href="/libs/angular-ui-scribble/dist/angular-ui-scribble.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
    1. Include the router in your main angular.module() call:
    var app = angular.module('app', ['angular-ui-scribble'])
    1. Use somewhere in your template:
    <ui-scribble editable="true" callback="someFunction(image)"></ui-scribble>

    A demo is also available. To use this follow the instructions in the demo directory.


    The UI widget is a AngularJS directive which supports the following options:

    Option Type Default Description
    callback function none The function to accept the completed drawing. The callback must contain either keyword dataURI or blob somewhere which will be replaced with the DataURI of the encoded image and the raw binary blob. e.g. myCallback(dataURI) to recieve the dataURI and myCallback(blob) to get the Blob object
    editable boolean false If false the first scribble the user makes will be used, if true the user has access to some editing tools before submission
    colors array Pastel colors An array of colors to select from
    sizes array [1,2,3,4,5] An array of pen sizes to select from
    buttons Object {} Which buttons should be displayed in the UI. See below for each individual option
    buttons.camera boolean true Display the camera capture button if the platform supports it
    buttons.colors boolean true Display the color selection buttons
    buttons.clear boolean true Display the clear input button
    buttons.eraser boolean true Display the eraser tool
    buttons.sizes boolean true Display the pen size selection buttons
    width number 400 The width of the widget
    height number 200 The height of the widget




    npm i @momsfriendlydevco/angular-ui-scribble

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