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    Cloudflare Worker LeetCode Progress

    Generate LeetCode progress as a SVG deployed on Cloudflare Workers.


    const createHandler = require('@momocow/cloudflare-worker-leetcode-progress').default
    const handleRequest = createHandler({ /* options */ });
    addEventListener('fetch', (event) => {
      event.respondWith(handleRequest(event) ?? new Response('', { status: 405 }));

    Remember to configure your wrangler.toml to build with webpack.

    type = "webpack"


    • cacheName: string = undefined

      If it is undefined, no caches will be used. If it's "default", the default cache will be used; otherwise a new cache is opened using the provided name. See await

    • cacheTTL: number = 300000 (in ms)

      The value is used to generate the max age of Cache-Control and compute the Expires time.

    • cors: boolean = false

      Allow CORS or not. If set, CORS headers will be generated and OPTIONS method will be handled.

    • hashAlgorithm: "sha1" | "sha256" | "sha384" | "sha512" = "sha1"

      Hash algorithm to use to generate ETag.

    • leetcodeGraphqlUrl: string = ""

      LeetCode GraphQL endpoint.

    • progressType: "global" | "session" = "global"

      Type of LeetCode progress to display. If it's "session", the statistics of the current active session is fetched.

      This option is set for the default progress type; however, at each request, ones can provided progress-type parameter in the query string to change the value.

    • userlist: Set<string> = undefined

      Access control for your Worker. If provided, only usernames appear in the set is allowed to generate the progress; otherwise, 403 forbidden is responsed.

      Note that leave it undefined means access control disabled, every is allowed to access the Worker.

    • fetch: typeof fetch = fetch

      This option is passed to graphql-request to avoid using XMLHttpRequest (No such API in Worker Runtime).

    Query String Parameters

    • username: string
    • progress-type: "global" | "session"


    npm i @momocow/cloudflare-worker-leetcode-progress

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