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    The universal schema for all things nonfungible

    Getting Started

    Node Version

    • 16.15.0

    Make a release

    1. check the version in package.json
    2. tag main $ git tag v0.0.0
    3. push the tag $ git push --tags
    4. From create a new release from your tag.
    5. Increment the version number in package.json so its ready for the next build

    Alternatively, you can just do npm version patch or npm version minor or npm version major.


    The repo uses the latest version of Yarn. It has a bit different setup compared to older versions, and takes advantage of Corepack.

    Dependency Cruiser

    Dependency Cruiser is a cool development cycle package I picked up from some prior workplace. It's main purpose is to validate and report the status of the repo based on rules we set in .dependency-cruiser.js.

    At the moment, the majority of the rules in the config are on warn level severity to allow gaining familiarity easy and smooth.

    Type Fest

    Type Fest is a Typescript helper package that brings in a ton of useful utils.




    npm i @momentranks/types

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