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Goal - Export your web table to Excel in a click

Many js applications show tables and data. Very often the business users need the possibility to export their data in excel. Most of the time a simple export (no server required) is enough.


This package easily export to the CSV the content of an array of objects (JavaScript or JSON, e.g. table of data on the screen) to a format compatible with Excel.


  • The library has been written in Typescript and target Angular (1.x, >=2).
  • It is possible to decide which columns export and in which order.


npm i @molteni/export-csv --save

or add to your package.json in the 'dependencies' : "@molteni/export-csv": "^0.0.1",


In Angular import the library with: import ExportToCSV from "@molteni/export-csv";

Use the library:

Export only one specific columns

exportColumnsToCSV(JSONListItemsToPublish : any[], fileName : string, columns : string[]);

var exporter = new ExportToCSV();
exporter.exportColumnsToCSV(this.blogArticles, "filename", ["title"])

Export all the columns

exportAllToCSV(JSONListItemsToPublish : any[], fileName : string);

var exporter = new ExportToCSV();
exporter.exportColumnsToCSV(this.blogArticles, "filename")


  • doesn't work with Safari