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    Typescript Sass

    This is a fork of renz45/typescript-sass published as a separate module

    What is this?

    This is an experiment that came about from learning a bit of Angular2 and wanting to use sass in component styles. The idea behind this module is that it watches your project for changes in sass files, but instead of making one big sass file it compiles those files into typescript files that can be imported into other typescript files.

    If your loader supports it you can technically import raw text files and use those in say, an Angular2 component, but the typescript compiler is going to yell at you since a raw css text file isn't a typescript module. Still not sure what I mean?

    Take the following example Angular2 component:

    import {Component} from 'angular2/core';
    import {DevicesService} from './devices.service';
    import mainStyles from "./main.styles";
        selector: 'device-list',
        template: `
          <h1>List of devices</h1>
            <li *ngFor="#device of devices">{{}}</li>
        styles: [mainStyles]
    export class DeviceListComponent { 
      public devices
        private _service: DevicesService
      ngOnInit() {
          this.devices = devices

    mainStyles is a sass file in the devices component directory.

    This module makes the attempt to take that sass file and generate a module that will work in this situation and satisfy the typescript compiler.

    Original main.styles.sass file:

      list-style: none
      display: inline
        color: blue

    and the generated main.styles.ts file:

    export default `
    ul {
      list-style: none; }
    li {
      display: inline; }
      li a {
        color: blue; }

    Sass imports are also supported currently. Import paths are derived from the parent directory of the compiled file and the sassDir from the config file.


    $ npm install @mohuk/typescript-sass --save-dev


    I've been using this with the concurrently module in my project


    "scripts": {
      "tsc": "tsc",
      "tsc:w": "tsc -w",
      "lite": "lite-server",
      "tsSass": "ts-sass",
      "start": "concurrent \"npm run tsc:w\" \"npm run lite\" \"npm run tsSass\""

    For Basic configuration you can include a tsSassConfig.json file in your project root:

      "sassDir": "app",
      "sassSubDir": "sass",
      "watch": true

    sassDir - Indicates that main directory to watch for sass files. I point this towards my angular app directory where my components live. This should not include node_modules it's just using so there isn't a great way to exclude node_modules.

    sassSubDir - Indicates if you want your sass files in a separate directory within you component directories. I've been experimenting with a /sass directory to reduce clutter. If this option isn't set then the compiled .ts files will be placed in the same directory as the original .sass files.

    watch - Indicates if you want your sass files watched for changes. If option isn't set or set to false, then the compilation will happen once and then exit.

    Wat, no tests?!

    Yea, its just an experiment at this point and it's small enough where I'm not too worried yet. If there is interest I might make this a bit better, like supporting other stuff then just sass (less/haml/jade/etc)




    npm i @mohuk/typescript-sass

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